Boost the Look of Real Estate Offices with These Creative Office Décor Ideas

Real Estate Offices

Every office can be effectively spruced up with adequate décor for improved employee comfort and productivity. The same goes for real estate offices. According to Bishop Ranch (a lessor of real estate offices in California), the trend of plain, sterile and grey offices is dying out only to be replaced with more personal and creative spaces that use décor and design as a motivation boost. Obviously, there should never be too many personal items as this too can hinder productivity as another extreme. But, embracing colors, nature and overall pleasant work environment will only boost the real estate business.

Consider open workspace design

Let’s put things this way – if you work in real estate you most definitely know what kind of interior design is popular for both commercial and residential spaces. In that respect, you can’t miss out on the possibility to introduce open workspace design into your real estate office as well. In case it’s too challenging, you don’t necessarily have to look for joined desks, but creating a nice and open flow in the layout which will allow your employees to communicate freely is a great way to make a significant change. In case you’re working with a big open-floor office space, you can also introduce dividers which will turn out to be the perfect mix of open and private work area.

Bring life to the walls

Now let’s talk décor – and colorful at that. You’re probably already aware of the fact that colorful workspaces fare much better when it comes to productivity, motivation and overall employee satisfaction. In that respect, don’t hesitate to ditch the neutrals. Obviously, neutral shades can still be the basis of your color scheme but make sure that it’s not all neutral. For a real estate office, colorful wall designs are extremely beneficial. Essentially, you can approach this matter as if you were creating an accent wall. That said, geometrical objects, lines and other interesting shapes in bright colors can significantly lift up the mood and vibe of the office space. Different colors come with different benefits and it wouldn’t be half bad if you could research that a bit for your particular needs.

What’s more, wall art and real estate offices mix extremely well. Regardless of where you stand with wall paint, you can always liven up the space with adequate wall art, especially if that art depicts gorgeous local scenery or truly magnificent real estate that your company handles.

Real Estate Offices

Colorful stationery and furniture

When color is concerned, you are not limited to the color of your walls. This is especially important for real estate offices that, for whatever reason, can’t do too much with their walls. Essentially, all your office furniture and stationery staples can be purchased in bright and fun shades, which will instantly elevate the mood of your employees and the space in general. Think about it – even if your desks are neutral, the chairs can be bright and interesting (and ergonomic!). Bright markers for your boards, funky pens and other desk essentials that employees could use and even colorful sticky notes will effectively help you add a pleasant décor without going overboard. One easy way to get everything you need is to browse Winc store and check out their furniture and supplies offer. It’s a great hassle-free way to boost the look of your real estate office.

Decorate with plants

Another great and much necessary decorative detail for every office and not just real estate has everything to do with greenery. Some companies like to take things up a notch which is why indoor vertical garden walls are gaining in popularity. On the other hand, tall and elegant plants arranged in decorative planters and strategically placed around the office are also more than enough to make the whole environment more pleasant and motivational. There are plenty of benefits to having plants at work, so don’t miss the opportunity to utilize this trick for your own workplace as well.

A personal “break room” area

Every real estate agent knows just how important the concept of a break room is in the modern business world. Precisely because of that, you should be the first to introduce this to your office design. Not to mention that a break room also allows for some more personal and creative décor compared to the rest of the office.

A break room can be a communal area where employees can eat their lunch, drink their coffee, chat, read a book and even play games. So, make sure to design and decorate this area accordingly. For starters, you can play with colors in this case a lot more. Aside from functional items such a fridge, microwave and a coffee maker, as well as a proper dining table, you can brighten up the space with colorful lazy bags and unique wall art. Some offices put up the artwork of their employees in this type of a room, so you may want to try that as well. A bookshelf, TV, plenty of board games and maybe even gaming consoles should be a part of the “creative clutter” that’s the break room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and ask for the employee feedback. If they get to be really creative in one area of their office, they will bring that creativity back to their desks and work. Let your employees know that they can also decorate their personal work stations in their own unique way. Of course, make sure to mention that stuffing the desk and surrounding area with mementos and accessories can hinder their productivity, but still explain that a healthy dose of personal items is always welcome. That way, your real estate office will become a place of success, happiness and high motivation.

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