How to Utilize Instagram for Your Email List Growth?

Utilize Instagram

Marketers who work day in and day out promoting their business on different platforms have the only goal in mind and that is to drive their user engagement. No matter what the platform or channel is, whether it is offline or online, the effort always is to drive more customers and clients to the brand. Given the rise of the social media, it is quite evident that at some point in time, as an email marketer, you might have felt a little competition from the social media marketing experts. Although the competition is based on the numbers and with 2.7 billion email users and 800 million Instagram users, this is the prime time for marketers to use the best of both worlds.

The numbers of these stats keep rising every day and marketers now need to expand their strategies by being more flexible towards the new and exciting features of Instagram and how to use it in their email marketing programs. Here are some of the ways to drive the growth of your email list by leveraging the exclusive features of Instagram:

Acquire More Email Sign-ups by Optimizing Your Instagram Profile

When it comes to optimizing your profile on Instagram for your ongoing email marketing campaign, the first thing that you need to do is incorporate a solid email sign-up form in your profile bio. There is a space provided by the visual-only platform in the profile section where you can add one link. With the addition of these forms to your profile, you can expect to collect some quality leads for your business after they sign up through their emails. In case you are wondering how to integrate your customized sign-up forms to Instagram, there are a lot of apps and tools to help you out such as GetResponse, ActiveCampaign and Campaign Monitor etc. the only thing that you need to ensure is that your sign up forms have a section to determine and segregate the Instagram leads.

Provide Incentives on Each Sign-Ups

What is the benefit for the followers who will sign up to the form provided by you in your bio? If you are unable to confer a lucrative profit after each sign up to your email form, do not expect more leads coming from the visual-only platform. Users on social media are fascinated by the promo codes and discounts so make sure that you are providing them with incentives to get their email sign-ups. Also, you can think of downloads, real Instagram likes, contests, and product samples as incentives to offer to your followers.

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Nourish Your Leads with High-Quality Content

Once you are able to get a decent amount of form sign-ups, it is time to study your leads and understand their basic requirement from you. This understanding and analysis will help you in crafting relevant and useful content that will drive your followers and leads to regularly visit your newsletter for more information. The creative side of Instagram makes your flexible enough to get the most of your followers for your marketing success.


Building email lists for driving your product sales is now easy with the innovative features of Instagram. Adhere to these points and ensure getting more sign-ups to your newsletter for keeping your audience engaged.

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