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College students cannot afford writing. Instructors use essays as a way of determining how well students have understood particular concepts. Often, students find themselves with tasks from different courses. This can be challenging given that not all students have excellent writing skills. It is even more difficult for students who have English as a second language. The failure to write high-quality essays has adverse effects on the final grade in college. As a result, students have to find ways of producing better essays. While in the past writing essays was a problem for a majority of the learners, this has changed over time. Below are some of the tools that can assist students in writing. 


Grammarly remains one of the most important essay editing services for college students. Tutors expect a learner to submit papers that are free of grammatical mistakes. While proofreading papers works, most of the students are unable to remove all the grammatical mistakes. Grammarly comes to the rescue of such students.

Grammarly provides various features that are critical in editing writing pieces. The program scans the entire document and points out grammatical errors including punctuation and spelling errors. Grammarly is an advanced artificial intelligence tool than any other typical editing tool. 

The program is easy to use and does not require special skills. Students have the option of editing on a web browser or installing an add-on in the Microsoft Word. Grammarly provides learners with both a free version that has limited features and a premium version that has all the editing capabilities. For a start, learners can use the free version of Grammarly to save on costs.


College essays can be overwhelming to students. Balancing between doing assignments and other important activities like leisure, traveling and family among others can be difficult. As a result, essay writing services have emerged to help students who have such a challenge. While this is helpful, it has also made it problematic for students to differentiate between legitimate and scam websites.

CustomEssayOrder is one of the most reliable essay writing services. It has gained a reputation for assisting students with their essays. Those who have used the service have indicated that they got better grades. The company provides papers that meet the following criteria:

  • High quality. The service has a team of professional writers who have worked in the industry for a long time. The writers know what lecturers want and will produce a paper that will earn learners As.
  • Well-formatted. Essays require different formatting styles that students are supposed to be aware of. The writers are familiar with all the formatting styles and will ensure that the pre-written essay is organized as required in the instructions.
  • No plagiarism. Plagiarism is an academic offense that is heavily punishable. Since the writers develop the content from scratch, learners do not have to worry about plagiarism. Besides, the company offers plagiarism reports from Turnitin to clients.


Wikihow remains one of the most useful items for college students today. Indeed, college is an opportunity for students to learn things, not just about coursework and study, but also in other areas. It is expected that by the time students leave college, they have the skills required to survive in the real world. Apart from studying to pass exams, students should broaden their knowledge and gain more skills.

With Wikihow, learners can learn how to do things. For instance, they can learn how to manage their finances, organize their schedules, relate with friends and do laundry among other skills. While these skills do not seem to relate to studies, they assist learners to be more knowledgeable on important issues. The website comes with tutorials that are easy to follow and images that enhance the message.

Google drive

In 2012, Google introduced Google Drive as file storage and synchronization service. The service allows users to store, share and do collaborative editing of files. With a Google account, one has access to at least 15GB of free storage. This is indeed useful for students who cannot afford expensive cloud storage.

Darren Barden a writing coach from Write My Essay For Me reports that Google Drive is one of the tools that students should utilize. Instead of storing assignments on their computer drives, learners should upload the papers on Google Drive. Here, they are assured of storage and access to their documents anywhere as long as they have an Internet connection.


Students do not have to wait until they graduate to apply for jobs. It is possible to work during the weekends or over the holiday. One of the problems that students face is writing a CV. They may have all the academic qualifications, but highlighting them in a resume becomes a major barrier to securing opportunities.

ResumeThatWorks is a resume writing service that assists students in academic CV writing. The service works the same as other resume writing services. It has assisted many students to have outstanding resumes. It has experienced resume writers who know what employers want to see in a CV.


Students should utilize the time in college to gain more knowledge. Students are enrolling in other courses while in college so that they may expand their knowledge and skills. Such individuals stand a better chance of securing good jobs after college. Coursera is among the top education websites for students.

Coursera works with 170 universities to offer access to world-class courses to students. It is among the useful apps for college learners. The program takes advantage of digital learning to deliver high-quality courses. Students should enroll in the program and access free courses. This will enable them to gain more skills before leaving college. 

TED Talks

College students cannot afford writing. Instructors use essays as a way of determining how well students have understood particular concepts.

TED Talks offer interesting and informative talks to students. The forums bring together experts from different industries who discuss important issues about society. The talks bring speakers who are informed about various aspects of society. Listening to such speakers is critical because it enhances the understanding of students.  Jon Hamilton the professional academic writer at  recommends that students attend TED Talks or watch them on YouTube. This will inspire them to know what is happening in the world around them as well as learn new trends in industries. Such students are in a better position to come up with ideas.

Conclusively, students need to take advantage of the outlined programs to enhance their writing. Services for college students exist to assist learners to become better in their studies. While in college, students should take advantage of these services to enhance their skills and knowledge. Essay writing is a challenging task. However, with these programs, students become better writers. Even those students who are not talented in writing, using the programs can make them better writers. Learners should not find assignments difficult to handle since these tools have been made available to them. Students can visit college websites for more details on useful writing tools.

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