Selling Lubricants – Helped by Multi-Lingual Content

Selling Lubricants

The northern Emirates are well known for having innumerable downstream lube manufacturers, who produce a wide variety of automotive and industrial lubes, for the local, and majorly destined for the export market. One important reason for the proliferation of lube blending plants is the steady supply of base oils, given the Gulf is so richly endowed with hydrocarbon resources. Leveraging on this background, exports of all manner of lubes to other neighboring countries, besides regionally, including the likes of Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kenya, Tanzania and other parts of Africa is quite business as usual.

One such lube manufacturing firm is North Emirates Lubricants (name changed) situated in one of the northern Emirates, which best typifies the above description. Having been in the business for 20 odd years, even though having built a good reseller, distribution or stockiest network overseas, it still is a challenging business per Mr. Noor, GM (name changed), who reached out to our Agency for all manner of professional services in order to further the sales of his extensive range of engine oils and greases for all manner of engines – including automotive, industrial and marine. Our Agency for Translation Services in Dubai helps Mr. Noor develop the business not only on the Sales and distribution side of things, but very much on the supply side as well. Mr. Noor has been reaching out to lube engineering consultants in Japan, Korea and Russia, and we usually do all the professional business correspondence in those respective languages, as Mr. Noor himself has found this line of communication to be very advantages to get the maximum co-operation from the respective counter-parties, for technology transfer and advise in relation to especially specialty lubes for high end applications, especially critical in marine engineering. We do marketing content localization for East African markets, besides promo content of their products in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and as far away as Burma in local languages. An excellent till date working partnership, which Mr. Noor is always keen to point-out to all his other business associates.

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