7 most common web design mistakes to be avoided in 2019

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Build an appealing and unique website is not an option anymore; it’s something all businesses must-have. Website has become an integral part of every business whether they are big or small. A business without a website can consider themself dead.

Some of us believe having a website alone can drive traffic and build online presence (especially Small businesses and start-ups). But unfortunately, they are not true.

Not every business with a website is gaining a significant amount of traffic. A website is the face of the business; it might make or break your business. And it depends on various factors like your website user-friendliness, easy navigation, etc.

Most likely visitor will stay on your website for less than 10 seconds and it is crucial to get hold of the user’s attention.

Many of the small business fail to understand the concept of a good website, leading to the development of a website which is less appealing and awful.

Below are the pictures of some of the ridiculous websites that I have come across the internet.

Can you believe if I say the above websites are functional and live? Unfortunately, the answer is yes. This is a perfect example of how a website should not be designed.

A professional website should be

  • Look appealing;
  • Drive more audience,
  • Easy navigable
  • Should set-up credibility
  • User-friendly experience
  • Enhance Sale and conversation rate
  • Less bounce rate

If your website fails to impress your audience and suffering from stagnant traffic it is the right time to improvise your website strategy.

Here in this blog, I will cover some of the 7 common web design mistakes you should avoid in 2019 and beyond that.

1. Website is not Responsive

This is one of the common mistakes most of the business fails to notice so this is the reason I made it on the first of my list.

We are living in the world of Smartphone’s where people use the phone more than they use toothbrushes. If you want to establish a strong online presence it is important to make your website mobile-friendly.

A recent report stated there are 4.38 billion users are using the internet around the world, out that 3.99 billion users use smartphones and tablets to access the internet.
And also report from Statista stated more than 63.4% of the traffic is generated from only form mobile till the first quarter of 2019.

The number is obvious shows it is equally important to have a website which is mobile friendly. However, it is also important to make sure the mobile website well optimized.

2. Make your Business Statement Clear

Do you know a website visitor only views your website for less than 3 seconds?
Therefore it is extremely important to make your business statement clear and crisp. In case the user fails to understand your business most likely they will hit the back button.  About 40% of the user leaves the website if the business statement is not clear.


  • Make your business services and product visible
  • Make the business statement clean and simple.

3. Hidden Contact info

I have seen some sites where it is very hard to find the contact info.

Business is all about interaction, if the client or user wants to get in touch with you then they definitely need your contact info.
It’s like the audience is not some kind of batman or Sherlock to find your contact details in with the website. If user fail to find the contact details then you surely going to miss the opportunity of getting a valuable customer to your business.


  • place your call to action in header or middle of the page so the user can find it easily
  • Make your call to action simple like Get started, Join us, Buy now or just a call button or “Call us for free trail xxx-xxx-xxxx” is more than enough.

4. Avoid using Heavy Multimedia images and Videos

It is 21 century every business now has its own YouTube account and it is not bad to include videos and infographics on the website.
As we all know “an image or video speaks more than words” it is a good move to include images and videos on the website.

But the thing to be noted is the dumping high-quality image may reduce your page loading speed. The reason is high-quality image consumes more bandwidth while loading, therefore, it cause the page to load slowly.

Now tell me how many of you hate to view a website that is very slow? I assume most of us will hate it. If you are website is dumped with a more high-quality image then it might reduce the page speed resulting in losing your audience.

On the other hand, videos that are long and slow are also one of the mistakes most of the web designers do. From the survey of adobe said that more than half of the user leaves the website or stop viewing the video if they are slow.


  • Use tools like Google speed insight, GTmetrix to analysis your website speed and determine the cause of it.
  • Use high-quality image but don’t dump them, use where ever necessary
  • Make sure the infographics and the video that you add on the website is fast loading

5. Choose the right font size for your website

Font plays a vital role in the website. Would you like to be on the website which has very small fonts that you have to squint read it?

I guess no one likes reading it, and I am pretty sure most of us will jump to the next website.

See this is what happens if you fail to choose a good font for your website.

You might have a good website with optimized content but it’s all gonna be in vain if the font is too small or not good to read.

6. Make the placement of Social Media Icon

It is a rare mistake but still worth mentioning. It happens when you place the social media icons at the beginning of the website which makes the user distract and leave your site. Most probably users left the website by clicking the social media will never return back to your website.


  • Place the social media icon on the bottom, middle of the website

7. Keep an eye on ads

Advertising is one of the major sources of income, especially on blogs. Ads are good but clumsy and noisy ads are annoying which makes the users leave the website.

So pay close attention to the ads on your website. Make sure the ads don’t annoy the user and spoil their browsing experience on your website.


  • Palace the ads in the less noticeable position never place ads in the middle of the blogs
  • Get rid of the pop-ups. If not make it minimum and easy to close.
  • Keep a close watch of your website carefully


In order to avoid such kinds of mistakes, you need to hire a professional developer rather than developing on your own or relying on less experienced website design companies.

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