5 Unforgettable Job Search Resources for College Students

Job Search Resources

On the job hunt? Check out these 5 essential job search resources that were designed to help college students find a job.

It’s getting to be that time when the job hunt must begin. You’re excited. There are also plenty of butterflies floating around in your stomach.

It’s completely natural to be nervous. Despite that, if you know how to look for work, you don’t have to be.

The fact of the matter is that there are a lot of job search resources available to you.

Also, there are likely many opportunities at your fingertips that you should be pursuing but aren’t. That’s why we’re going to reveal five unforgettable resources that you can use to maximize your job search potential in this article.

There are many job search resources available. Several of them involve things like connecting with other students or finding a temporary job.

So, get excited to hunt for the perfect position! It’s time to put your new degree and incredible skill set to good use!

1. Find a Temporary Job

In case you were wondering why you should find a temporary job, stick with us.

You might be a recent (or soon to be) graduate who isn’t sure about what type of job they want. If that sounds like you, take a look at the site One Day One Job.

This site allows you to find temporary entry-level jobs so you can get a taste for what it’s like in that field. A majority of the positions are for entry-level employees, and many of them offer seasonal work as well.

Finding a temporary job is an excellent way to get your feet wet in a particular industry. It can also help you to find out if you can see yourself working for that company or a similar company in the long-term.

It’s normal to feel uncertain as you enter the real work world. That’s why a site like One Day One Job is a perfect resource to help you get excited about looking for work.

They can also educate you on cool companies that are hiring and teach you new ways of finding work on your own.

It’s worth a shot to get on the site and check out some entry-level positions. It’s easy to search by your field of study, industry, and even city!

2. Check the NACE Reports

NACE, or the National Association of Colleges and Employers, is an incredible tool. It can help you monitor and identify trends in post-graduation hiring and internships.

It also provides pertinent information about beginner positions, allowing you to take your research one step further by checking out a variety of other details.

For example, you can uncover the percentages of how long it takes companies to respond after a job interview.

Look into using NACE; it’s an excellent resource for college students and recent grads!

Searching for more specific data about an area or profession that you’re interested in? Check out this salary calculator.

3. Look into Available Campus Career Resources


If you haven’t had the time to visit your college career center, you should hightail it there ASAP! You should treat the campus career center as the holy grail of job searching.

Endless campus career resources are available to you. Here are a few common ones:

  • Job fairs
  • Career advisors
  • Resume help
  • Internships
  • Workshops

Even if you’re already a senior and haven’t had time to visit the career center, it’s never too late. Don’t be a part of the student population who isn’t taking advantage of all the career center has to offer.

Attend a Workshop

Benefiting from many career opportunities is a necessity. However, the same can be said for attending workshops.

You can learn quite a bit about looking for a job through a workshop.

Here are a few workshops that you can start your search with:

  • Perfecting your resume
  • Building a cover letter
  • Networking
  • Job interviewing

Start preparing yourself for the real world. It’s time to head to your college career center ASAP! 

4. Connect with Other Students

connect students

You might be wondering how other students may be able to help you get a job when they’re in the same position that you’re in. Well, it turns out that connecting with other students is exactly what you need to do to find a job.

Fellow students, whether they’re in your same field or another field, are in the same boat as far as job searching goes. They’re identifying different job search resources just like you are. That’s why it’s a great idea to come together and share your knowledge.

For example, if you have a few friends who share your major, find out how their job search is going. They might already have a job lined up or a few interested companies.

If you’re interested in the company, ask your friends if they know of any other available job openings. Or, find out if they have a contact that you can get in touch with to find out if they’re hiring elsewhere.

Who knows, even if they aren’t currently hiring where you live, they might be recruiting for a similar position in a nearby city!

It’s a digital world. That’s why you should also check out sites like LinkedIn to connect with students and network with new people.

There are likely many students looking for work. While talking to them, ask what resources have been the most helpful to them so far and what they recommend you do in your position.

5. Develop Your Own Opportunities

You aren’t limited to using traditional job resources to find a position. If you’re struggling with finding a job post-graduation, create your own opportunities.

You can create your own opportunities by trying on a variety of different hats. Here are a few ideas:  

Start Your Own Business

Who says you have to get hired right away? If you have the time and enough money saved up, why not consider starting a business of your own?

Run the numbers and see if it’s feasible. You could always continue to search for a full-time job, but in the meantime, you can start a business on the side.

Create a Blog

Start a blog and integrate some of the knowledge that you learned at school. For example, if your degree is in marketing, then make some of the blog posts on various marketing topics.

You never know when someone may find your blog and ask if you’re looking for work.

Gain More Knowledge

There are a few other ways to focus on creating new opportunities. Attending a marketing course or a career development meetup are two excellent ideas.

Even though you already have a wealth of knowledge from your degree, it never hurts to learn more! 

As you have just discovered, there are many ways to be resourceful as you begin your job search. It’s all about being creative and inventive as you hunt for the perfect job.

Stay encouraged and motivated to find work, and continue to work on your confidence. Even if it may take some time to find the ideal job, the arduous task of job hunting will pay off.

Furthermore, manage your time, practice leadership skills, and remember to connect with people. You never know what job opportunities may come your way by using every resource at your disposal.  Leave no stone unturned and find an incredible job you were born to do!

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