5 ways using google trends can help you with better keyword research

keyword research

I wouldn’t be wasting time on citing the same old story about the importance of keyword research and SEO. In the 21st century, when the entire world is at your fingertips, it’s already said, a hundred times over.

Instead, let me tell you, how you can make the most out of it and what can serve to be your best partner in the process. How you can break the shell of being traditional, and be better at it, day by day.

The tool I am going to discuss today is alien to no one: Google Trends. It’s one of the best tools available in the market for competitive keyword research and after reading this article, I am sure you will second me on that:

Helps you discover keyword variations, region by region

A lot of people are not aware of this but, different regions can have different terms and keywords researched. So, say something which is widely searched in the East Coast can show low search volumes in the Pacific Northwest.

However, most of the keyword research tools fail to show the varied terms, because their data is based on nationwide searches. So, if you want to penetrate the local markets with regional keywords, Google Trends is your best bet. They show you the actual difference in volumes, alternative keywords, and other variations, which your standard keyword tool won’t.

Identifies changing trends ahead of others

If your content does not align with the changing trends, it can quickly become irrelevant and thus useless to your audience.

For instance, there was a time when ‘internet marketing’ was widely used. With changing time and evolving searches, everyone started using the term ‘digital marketing’. Later, it was replaced by several segmented keywords like search marketing, PPC, SEO and everything else that falls under the shed of digital marketing. 

Sometimes the searches alter in a month, while sometimes it might take years. Thus, it is always wise to check Google Trends regularly and craft your content around the competing trends.

Augments Google Analytics

Every now and then, we observe a big shift in our website, totally unaware of the reason. This is because there are times when you do not have enough historical data, to know whether your site has been expecting a change in visits, or something unusual.

But with Google trends, you do not face this problem. You can check the organic traffic, on your landing pages for a particular keyword on your analytics and Google Search Console for the same. Now, when you compare the results on Google Trends, it gives you a detailed insight into your website in comparison to the larger search trends.

Recognizes spellings preferences

On the internet, there are several spellings people use for the same purpose. For instance, vigour or vigor: you might be looking for the same thing, but the results for each spelling will be different.

Spellings play a massive role in your keyword research. However, a standard tool like SEMrush usually shows the same search volume for such minuscule differences in spellings. On the contrary, Google Trends run a comparison check among the spellings and gives you a better alternative.

Check What’s Trending

When we talk about ‘What’s Trending’, it is not just about the seasonal trends or the trends which have been there for a while, for instance, content marketing in the world of marketing. But it also involves the trends with a very short time span like for the past 24 hours, 6 hours or even the last hour.

Your research should also vary according to the daily search trends. None of the standard tools available in the market, but Google Trends, gives you real-time knowledge of these short-time trends. So, check these trends regularly and draft content around it without any delay. Believe me, it has the capability to make you viral overnight.

Google Trends, if put to use correctly can prove to be an asset for your organization. If you know where your target audience is and what are they looking for, the rest you can leave it to Google Trends to lead through.

Here comes a Bonus tip: If keeping an eye on Google trends on the daily basis sounds too complicated to you, do use automated website screenshot tool like Stillio. It allows you to leave all of these tasks on autopilot. Do give it a try!

Now, it’s for you to break out of the traditional concepts of keyword research and explore Google trends. Trust me, it’s a lot more than any of us can ever imagine!

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