A Buyer’s Guide to Awards and Trophies

Awards and Trophies

Trophies and awards show the extent of accomplishment achieved through commitment and hard work. Trophies and awards also indicate acknowledgment for the effort made, whether for academic achievement, at a sporting event, or work. Thus, it only fits that the award or trophy given should be one that would make you proud if you made an achievement. If you plan on awarding somebody with a trophy or award, the following tips will assist you in making the right choice.


Design should be amongst the top priority when you are at the trophy store shopping for awards and trophies. There are two essential factors to consider when considering the design of the award or trophy: the recipient’s age and the reason for the award. A sporting award will probably feature a design with the outline of a player or the ball utilized in the sport. On the other hand, a book or a star is a suitable award for academic accomplishments. You should select a design that accurately depicts the achievement made to produce a memorable and unique award.

Conversely, age also plays a prominent role when choosing the design of trophies and awards. A child will cherish an award or trophy that is lavish and colorful. At the same time, an adult will likely prefer a conservative design appropriate for exhibiting at work or home.


If you are handing out a single award, size will not affect your selection. However, suppose you are handing out awards for varying performance levels, such as 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. In that case, you should deliberate over the size of the award and ensure that the size increase with better performance. However, size also depends on the recipient. Those getting professional or academic awards would probably favor awards that are smaller in size because they are suitable for displaying on their desk.


Engraving indicates what the award or trophy celebrates. Engraving is a superb means of showing the recipient your appreciation for their accomplishment. Engraving ought to comprise the achievement and the recipient’s name. However, remember to keep it short and straightforward. If you complicate the engraving, it will be overcrowded and hard to read.


A budget is always a crucial factor when shopping for any item. This fact certainly holds when shopping for awards and trophies at the trophy store. The material chosen and the amount utilized for your award or trophy will affect your bottom line. Thus, you should consult with an expert on awards and trophies to attain a solution that fits your budget. Affordable trophies and awards are usually created from pressed wood and cast resin parts. These parts are then plated or painted to look like bronze, silver, or gold. On the other hand, costly awards and trophies usually comprise crystal, sterling silver, and glass. Your budget will determine whether you choose the affordable ones or the costly ones.


You ought to purchase an award or trophy that is of high quality. An award or trophy represents the most significant honor that a person receives due to their accomplishment. You should pick the ideal material, preferably bronze, silver, or gold depending on your budget. There’s quality material for trophies and awards, depending on the fixed budget and preference. Silver, bronze, and gold are mostly preferred. Furthermore, some awards and trophies hold a lot of prestige and consist of gems, diamonds, platinum, wood, or marble. On the other hand, trophies and awards created from resin, acrylics, crystal, and glass are artistic and affordable yet high quality.

Research and enquire

Before purchasing any trophy or award, you should consult and inquire about what you want and acquire with different sources. It is vital to research and have adequate information on all organizations which manufacture awards and trophies. Many organizations manufacture trophies and awards at any given point. However, these organizations provide different services and qualities. Further, the organizations have other specialties, thus making them better at some things than their competitors. You should ensure that you have adequate information on the organizations to make the correct choice.

Trophies and awards are the best means of honoring the commitment and hard work of another person. Therefore, you should ensure that they are beautiful and perfect. Utilizing the tips above will enable you to make the appropriate choices when faced with various options.

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