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To attract potential customers and as a result, improve the efficiency of a business, many use mailing in their work, in large quantities, but such action does not always bring success. Although well-written emails contain a lot of useful information about the activities of the sender and may interest the recipient, there is a high probability that they will be useless due to incorrectly selected email addresses. This is exactly the moment when more does not mean better and you should not rely on your abilities 100%, and should ask professionals, who will conduct qualified email addresses validation and make your mailing lists more productive.

Authenticity in the First Place

Each author wants his mail to reach the recipient, and not to be a waste of time, and as a result and money, being among other spam mailings that bring frustration and damage the reputation. This requires painstaking work to create a proven database for the proper distribution of e-mail, which is formed not only on known personal data but also on research conducted, with mandatory verification of compliance with official criteria.

Now, in the world wide web of the Internet, there is a huge number of useless email addresses and to find suitable ones, you need to have solid resources. To prevent sending mail to addresses that do not exist or are blocked by the system, you need to verify email addresses without sending an email using specialized online platforms (for instance,, to optimize the process and increase profits in general. Do not neglect the professional approach to timely email verification, because it has repeatedly proven its effectiveness and is an integral part of modern Internet marketing.

The Main Stages of the Validation

Initially, to check the existence of addresses and the ability to send mailings to them without sending emails, you need to check the address format, taking into account all the language units available in the address. You need to check whether the email address meets the generally accepted standards, and detect errors in the local and domain parts of the address (before and after the @ symbol).

Then it is the turn of domain and server verification to determine the authenticity and activity of various parameters and the ability to receive the email in general. Finally, you need to confirm the existence of the mailbox itself, also checking for free space in it. For this purpose, the existing protocols are used and special tools are used.

If you want to save time and complete a professional email validation, use the email checker such as Upload the list of email addresses and get them verified just in few minutes.

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