SEO Tips: Top 5 Tools to Apply Mobile First SEO Strategy

Mobile First SEO Strategy

Agencies providing content marketing services are now more inclined towards implementing tools that help and advance mobile SEO performance. Digital marketing specialists have realized how mobile search and browsing have replaced dependence on laptops for research and search purposes. Businesses are now clamoring to design and implement a mobile first SEO strategy that would help attract their potential customers to their website.

To check your website’s mobile SEO performance, it is important that one takes care of certain factors including the nature and amount of traffic each website gets, speed and accessibility of the website on smartphones in addition to the mobile performance of the websites. Some of the common tools that help put to action mobile first SEO strategy and then evaluate its impact include:


Before you target your potential customers, it is important to know on which platforms they are most active, the kinds of smartphones they use and the regions across which they are spread. In addition, it helps to determine the keywords that mobile users mostly use to search about the product you deal with or the service you provide while integrating the apps to enable a mobile first SEO strategy. Businesses using this tool also have the advantage of availing more information about the keywords their competitors are using apart from the strengths and weaknesses of their websites.


This one important tool that digital marketing specialists use to target users using any platform to access their websites. This tool has features that enable both organic and paid search with the help of charts and graphs that reveal the performance of any website. In addition, it helps in on-site SEO and research of necessary keywords that would improve the Google ranking of that website apart from providing details about the competitors’ mobile web search visibility.

Google Search Console:

Businesses looking to optimize their mobile versions are keen to understand if all of their onsite pages offer a responsive and independent mobile website version. Use of this tool helps to analyze if mobile search crawlers are seeing the kind of content they should and wish to show to their prospective consumers apart from the speed of information at the site and page level.

Screaming Frog:

Those looking for tools that can effectively crawl across their website and evaluate it, this tool effectively smoothens the mobile first SEO strategy by keeping track of technical SEO performance, identifying long metadata descriptions while also monitoring other possible SEO factors that can improve ranking and visibility of the website.

Google Mobile Site Tests:

No customer likes a slow loading page. This tool facilitates if the website is customized for mobile users and the issues that impede the loading of the website page on mobile phones. Since heavy images only slow down website loading speed, this tool compresses images that help to augment the speed of mobile website pages. Also, this tool helps determine the extent of traffic that the website gets compared to its competitors’ websites along with the loss of traffic this website experiences due to poor performance and slow loading speed.


The intent of designing and implementing a mobile first SEO strategy is to check if different areas of the mobile website content are optimized. While there are advanced ways to optimize the mobile version of the website, it is important to consider basic factors including page titles, metadata descriptions, and headings that are key SEO determinants of every site.

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