Top 12 Reasons to Convert Your Static HTML Site to WordPress

Convert Your Static HTML

Your static, HTML based website may look good but it has got some characteristic issues which might bug you. If your website is having some problem or you want to deliberately change or modify the contents, design or themes of your website. Using HTML architecture, you need to edit each and every HTML code to bring such modifications. It’s very laborious and time consuming as well. So what is the solution?

The more creative and dynamic platform is the WordPress. Not only can you get rid of all the shortcomings associated with the Static nature of HTML based websites but also add an array of different attributes, frequent updates and more security by adapting to WordPress. The following article will help you to decide to transform your website from HTML to WordPress.

It is Free of Charge, Open Source Platform

As word press is an open source platform so it does not requires any kind of charge. For any kind of modifications and changes that you want to do in the core structure of the WordPress to fulfill the requirement of your website, is also free of cost because it is an open source platform.

WordPress is Easiest & Most Popular CMS

Working in WordPress platform is the easiest way to design a website because it do not requires advance knowledge of programming or database management. Once it is installed in your webserver all the coding will be done automatically, you just need to know how to upload files in a database which is empty. Updating contents and designs can be easily preformed and preformed buttons and label will make the job more intuitive than technical.

It is Multi-User Supportable

It makes your website easily manageable because you can give authority to different users to manage your site and enrolling them with different type of functions and user-level. Different roles like site administrator, contributor, author or editor can be assigned to different persons of your trust and allow viewers to subscribe to your site by signing up.

WordPress Coding is Simple

Coding related to this is very easy and clean. If you understand PHP, then from a web developer’s point of view it provides a very easy platform for coding. Their codes can be easily understood and everything is properly documented and organized which makes it easier to modify or update without causing much confusion.

Highly Flexible

Flexibility is the greatest advantage of using WordPress. It provides an array of different templates along with the default template which will allow you to choose and custom fit the layout required for your website.

Fast Developing

WordPress is the fastest growing CMS website which not only provides a platform for online publishing but also facilitates the development of a complete business or website. From the time of its birth till now, it has evolved to become the most unique platform for website designing and it is growing steadily.

Provides an Interactive Platform

It provides a unique interactive platform for the website developers and viewers as well. Viewers of your website can join or participate in any kind of campaigns or events, and start discussions on the website using the comment section.

Links with Social Networks

Latest versions of WordPress allow your website to link with renowned social networking websites such as Facebook, Tweeter, Hi5, and Flicker etc. This helps to increase the social quotient of your website and helps it to be recognized easily by the users.

Multiple Plugins

It provides a wide range of enhancement and security based plugins for your website. You may look into the official WordPress plugin directory and download this plugins, rather than developing them manually.

It is both URL and SEO Friendly

In WordPress, you can modify the way URL of your website is displayed in the address bar, in order to attain faster searching. It also facilitates the installation of various plugins which modifies the SEO of your websites and increases the visibility of it.

Highly Secure

It provides high security to your website and the database associated with it. Different labels or directories of your website can be password protected in order to keep it safe and hack proof.

Business Friendly

WordPress enhances your business ideas to a great extent. Not only it provides a platform for content hosting but also creates a unique pathway through which you can run a business, interact with your customers and providing them with complete e-retail solutions along with high security.

So if you want to reap the advantage of more dynamic and secure CMS websites, leaving behind your age old static websites this is the right time to shift the gear and move on.

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