Top Paid Magento Extensions to Consider in 2018

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Let’s face it – when looking for top Magento Extensions, especially the paid ones, finding the right Magento extension can be an overwhelming task. Gone are the days when you would just check the ratings of each extension and select the one with highest ratings. Nowadays, it’s not that simple. In fact, any Magento Development Company would agree.

Even if you hire Magento developer, with thousands of Magento Extensions available to choose from, it can easily take large chunk of his or your time figuring out which is the right Magento Extension for your website.

So, to make this task easier and help you sift through the right Magento Extensions, we’ve compiled a list of top paid Magento extensions of 2018.

1: Contact Form Builder Flexible Forms:

The Contact Form Builder Flexible Forms is one of the easy-to-use, top Magento Extensions with a variety of form & field options. It allows admin to enable/disable Captcha, email notification, in fact the entire module, all from the admin setting page.

Furthermore, admin can also provide an option to add multiple email addresses to receive email notifications. Plus, users are also given the same access with the option ‘Send Copy to Me’ to receive email notifications.

Overall, the Contact Form Builder Flexible Forms is a simple, straightforward Magento Extension which provides support up to Magento 1.9 responsive theme, so you wouldn’t have to worry about responsive design of your website.

2: Contact Form for Magento 2

Buy once and get free updates for the lifetime is the biggest benefit of this particular Magento extension.

As you may already know that the contact forms are the best way to allow your potential customers to reach you, having a simple & seamless contact form is a must for all kinds of business websites.

The Contact Form for Magento 2 is a powerful Magento Extension that empowers variety of contact form and custom field creations. In fact, installation & configuration of the Contact Form for Magento 2 Extension is very simple and can be done easily. Although, if you’re a non-technical person, it is recommended to hire Magento developer to help you do it correctly.

3: Blog – Magento Extension

The Blog – Magento extension is an excellent paid Magento extension for blog creation that provides numerous options such as associated category, tags, author, dynamic comments, and much more.

With Blog – Magento Extension, adding a blog post along with its category, author, tag, postdate, and other such details is quite simple. Plus, you can also manage all widgets placed on sidebar through page options setting. Not only that, but the comment section can also be handled dynamically along with social sharing widgets.

This means, your website visitors can explore your entire blog list page, search for a particular blog using specific keywords, and also surf through blog posts with options like tags, categories, and authors.

All in all, the Blog – Magento Extension is another top paid Magento extension to consider in 2018.

4: Shipping Availability

These days, it is of utmost importance to know that the product you’re ordering online can really get delivered to your location or not. With Shipping Availability Magento Extension, you can add this functionality hassle-free in your website.

Shipping Availability is a first-class Magento Extension for Ecommerce websites that allows its customers to find the availability of COD, shipping, and delivery information using postcode or zip code.

While there are probably hundreds of similar extensions available today in the Magento marketplace, but the reason why Shipping Availability Magento Extension placed among top paid Magento extensions 2018 list is because of the automatic delivery availability feature.

For example, if a customer is logged in, selects a product, and enters his or her zip code, the Magento Shipping Extension will automatically display the availability information, and customers can directly complete the checkout process right away.

Admin, on the other hand, can import all zip codes or postcodes through a .csv file from the back-end, making the entire configuration almost effortless.

Final Thoughts…

With the power and functionality of above top paid Magento Extensions, you can improve user experience as well as the services of your Ecommerce store significantly. Although, installing and configuring them might be a daunting task for non-technical people, so again, it’s best to hire Magento developer for bug-free deployment.

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