Recover Your Deleted Files With EaseUS Data Recovery Software


Our personal files are the most important and most valuable part of our computer. Photos, videos, documents and other types of files often fill our discs. However, despite the insistence of always having backup copies, sooner or later disaster arrives, and, for physical reasons (a failure in the hard disk, for example) or logical (a problem with the partition table, a malware and even a human error), the data is erased from the computer, and thus begins an odyssey to recover them. Luckily, applications like data recovery software free are here to help us.

EaseUS Data Recovery is one of the most complete, reliable and accurate applications to help us recover all types of data accidentally deleted from our hard drives. This application will allow us to analyze any unit, whether we have it in operation right now (for example, to recover the deleted files from Windows or from the Recycle Bin) or hard drives that have been formatted and to which we have not yet given use.

About the EaseUS Software:

EaseUS provides professional IT solutions for the home, education centers and SMB users, providers of data recovery services, backup, optimization of systems and partitions, both on Windows and Mac platforms. Founded in 2004, it has established itself as a company of very high growth with almost 100,000,000 satisfied users around the world.

The main technical characteristics offered by EaseUS Data Recovery are:

  • It allows us to recover data from virtually any unit, from conventional hard drives to SSD, USB drives and even photo cameras and memory cards.
  • Recover data against all types of catastrophes: accidental deletion, formatting, hard disk failure, virus, system failure, problem with partitions, etc.
  • It allows us to recover the data of partitions, marked as RAW, that have lost the information of the partition table.
  • It is compatible with all types of files, from well-known formats such as photos, documents, music and video to any other format. The program analyzes the unit completely and returns the results.
  • It is compatible with the main file systems: NTFS, FAT (16, 32), EXT (2, 3, 4) and HFS (+)

Does it work always and for all files?

No program can promise you to recover deleted files that you have deleted in the past. The success of recovery depends completely on the time that has elapsed and the use that you have given to that disk. That’s why it’s much easier to recover recently deleted files.

We for example were able to recover a movie that we had deleted 4 weeks ago and that weighed 1GB. We also find files for May, April and September of last year. But attention, that the results were not always positive. We also looked for a folder that we deleted a few days ago with Adobe Premiere files but we could not find it, and we also got some files that were only partially recovered.

The more you use the hard drive on which you have lost the data, the lower the chances of success in your recovery. Therefore, as soon as you see that you have lost important information, run EaseUS.

Is it worth buying EaseUS?

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free is without a doubt a good program. Its minimalist design is quite functional and makes it very easy to find the deleted documents. It does not always work, it’s true, but the same goes for any other data recovery program.

Its free version will allow you to recover up to 2GB of data, but if you need more you must buy its premium version. Having a program as complete as this can be really useful because we all make mistakes and in some cases we need to recover some document that we have accidentally deleted.

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