10 Common Graphic Design Mistakes to Avoid

Graphic Design Mistakes

How Graphic Designing is affecting Business:

All the companies are nowadays using the technique of Graphic designing to promote their brand and to boost their business. Graphic Design is a way to provide the user with the information with the help of photography and typography. Graphic Designers Ahmedabad can be seen in business cards, logo designs or a brochure that promotes the company. All of these are well-known ways of promoting the business with the help of the technique of graphic designing. Hence all of these shall be made with precision so that there is no compromise with the reputation of the company. A single mistake in the graphic design can cause a huge loss to the company.

Common Graphical mistakes and ways to avoid:

While graphic designing is a specialised field yet there are some common mistakes that people tend to do. The graphic design products are the best way to communicate with the target audience hence they must be strategically developed in a way to leave a remark on the audience.  If graphic designs of the logo, brochure, website, blog and packaging are well designed more customers will be attracted towards the company. To ensure good relations with customer graphic designs must be carefully designed free of mistakes. To help with that, here are a few common mistakes seen in graphic designs that can be easily avoided:

  1. No proper communication with the client:

The important step to design appropriately is to understand the requirement of the customer properly. Although it is the responsibility of the client to provide clear instructions regarding the need the designer must take notes of instructions to ensure no mistake. The designer can also provide the client with better ideas to make the design even better.

  1. Excess use of Stock images:

While stock images are used in almost all the designs but the excess use of stock images makes the design look unprofessional. Also, stock images can be recognized easily as they are spread all over. Hence one must always prefer the use of original images in a limited number so that the design looks simple and yet convincing.

  1. Overpromising to the client:

You must ensure that you do not compromise with the quality of design after you have promised a good quality product to the client. You must take enough time and not mess with the quality of the product by completing it in a short deadline. The designer must provide the required time to the product.

  1. Trying to be extraordinary:

Although it is good to try new designs but always overthinking about the design and trying to bring new things too existence can be damaging. You must not try to extraordinary every time. You must not try to fill every blank space in the design.

  1. Spelling mistakes:

Make sure that there is no spelling mistake in the design as if leaves a bad mark on the customer and hence lowers the value of the product.

  1. Ensure correct Grammar:

You must ensure that typography has been checked as is free from grammatical errors; grammar mistakes make the design look unprofessional.

  1. Handle fonts carefully:

Reading a description with ten different fonts will always be hectic for the customer. Hence the font design shall always be taken care of. If you want to insert font in a different style, size and colour, it must be done carefully in a way that makes words easy and pleasant to read. You must never introduce too many fonts.

  1. Kerning the Font:

Also, kerning the fonts to adjust the spaces between letter and words makes the wording more pleasant to the eye. It can be done manually or automatically. However, incorrect use of kerning can be very damaging so it must be done really carefully.

  1. Design as per customer Needs:

It is good to add personal effects to the design but you must not forget that you are designing for the customer and so you should never forget the needs of your customer.

  1. Not thinking out of the box:

You must not always go as per old methods of designing. You must try and bring new methods into working. Let your creativity roam and help you make something special for the design.

Avoiding these common mistakes can help you design a graphic without errors, adding to the value to product and company.

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  1. I have been a witness myself of such mistakes, if not all. There is a defined user behavior for a website which needs to be considered while looking it as a user ourselves. During my experience in website and graphics designing with Pepper, it has been a crucial step to match the user experience and deliver clean graphics. Great work!

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