Top Career Choices for 2021

Top Career Choices

It is undoubtedly true that 2020 has been a challenging year and this year has brought revolutionary changes in the job market. As COVID-19 has caused a lot of uncertainty in our lives it has become important for students to consider a profession that is not only recession-resilient during challenging times but will continue to be in high demand in the future. Choosing or opting the right career path has always been critical for aspirants who are passing out of school. Gone are the days when career options were limited to data entry, banking and engineering. Today, there is a heightened awareness among the youth. This writing throws light on top career choices and profiles for the year 2021. Read this article in detail to know about the career options in Medical, Paramedical, Media & Communication, Finance & Accounts, Management and Art & Design.


In the medical field, you can work as a Dentist, Endocrinologist and  Veterinary Doctor. As a dentist, you are responsible for crafting a beautiful smile or educating the general public about good oral hygiene. As an endocrinologist,you will treat patients with endocrine disorders like diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid, autoimmune disease and other hormone-related diseases. Veterinary doctor profile involves investigation, diagnosis and treatment of accidental injuries and diseases in animals.


The topmost career options in the paramedical field are Medical Laboratory Technologist, Occupational Therapist and Nutritionists & Dietetics.  Medical Laboratory Technologist is responsible for conducting tests by analysing tissues, body fluids, blood, microorganism screening and cell counts of the human body. The job function of nutritionists and dietetics is the promotion of sound health through correct eating habits. As an occupational therapist, you are responsible for helping physically challenged, mentally or emotionally disabled people to improve their ability to perform simple activities like eating or writing, in daily life.

Media and Communication

For the year 2021, the highest paying and demanding Career Prospects in the field of Media and Communication are Media Planner, Cinematographer and Public Relations Executive. Media planner plans for your advertisement. After analysing data, they find out the best media, buy the space and select the time for your advertisement. Cinematographers are responsible for the way actor and actress look on screen. You will be responsible for the camera and decide the angles that make celebrities look the best. Public Relations Executive work for building a positive corporate image of the company in the minds of the general public.

Finance and Accounts

Finance is the lifeblood of business. Here, I am mentioning top finance and accountscareer options that will see significant growth in the year 2021. The various career choices are Investment Banker, Equity Research Analysts and Actuary. The job of investment bankers involves advising corporate clients on mergers, acquisitions, investments, capital formation and management of capital. As an equity research analysts, you have to evaluate the forces like inflation rates, currency position to make better financial investments. An actuary is a professional who is responsible for assessing the financial impact of uncertain future events by using statistical, probability, mathematical and financial techniques.


The topmost career options in management are Brand Manager, Human Resource Manager and Event Manager. Brand managers are not responsible for increasing sales figures but for alluring the customer with the product. Your main job is to formulate plans for the growth and recognition of the brand. Human Resource Managers undertake the task of recruitment, selection, induction and staffing also. In addition, they work for better employer-employee relationship and increasing workforce productivity. Event Managers look at the details like design, caption, invitation cards, decoration, furnishing and scripting for different events like trade shows, concerts, marriage parties, high profile parties, exhibitions, product launches, conventions and sporting.

Art and Design

Ceramic Technologists, Exhibition Designer and Architecture are the top career options for the year 2021 in Art and Design field. Ceramic Technologists professionals develop products like ceramic fillings for teeth, telescope lenses, unbreakable dinner plates and tiles for space shuttles. Dentist, astronomers and astronauts depend on ceramic professionals. Exhibition Designers are responsible for the design of stalls, interiors of exhibitions and trade fairs, set for theme events like musical concerts, beauty pageants and design of movie and theatre sets. The architects design the houses, railway stations, multiplexes, theatre halls and commercial complexes. You will shape human aspirations in this profession.

The above-mentioned career options for aspiring career professionals are ranked best for the year 2021 on the grounds of job avenues, job security, earning potential and work-life balance. However, it is advisable to opt for a career by keeping in mind the interest, skills and capability.

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