A career in Information Technology

career in Information Technology

We are dwelling in an ultra-modern era and the economic growth of the nation is linked to one important factor i.e. adoption of information technology. With the digitization of the nation, India has drastically been shifting to the Information Technology Age. As computers, the internet and social media have gained a lot of popularity, the demand for IT Jobs in India is augmenting day by day. Most of the people believe that the IT field is only for the tech support representatives or programmers.  Wait! let me tell you one important fact that there’s a role for everyone in IT. Can’t do programming but enjoy working on detailed projects? Consider a role as a project manager or business analyst. Solving mathematical equations is not your cup of tea but you are good at art. Don’t worry you may be successful as a designer or a UX specialist.

Using technology whether, in hardware or software for processing data, new business solutions and day to day functioning to provide information allude to the IT. The globe is to a great extent and persistently developing in this division. Today, every industry identified with any field must be a piece of IT. There are a number of career opportunities right from the data entry operations to building mobile applications. Every new element brings in new possibilities with it and this computing sector also provide jobs to those with good skills. The IT staffers are the masters in how the hardware, operating systems, and applications come together to solve actual problems. As an IT expert, one ought to discover how to work in practical settings of all these aspects of information technology.

If you are interested in building a career in this domain then please keep in mind that the degree in the same discipline will open up global possibilities. One can pursue any degree be it a diploma, bachelors or masters. The various degrees in the field of Information Technology are Diploma in Information Technology in Software Development (DIPITSOFD), Diploma of Software Development, Diploma Network and Internet Security Specialist Programme, Diploma in Information System Support Specialists, Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology, Bachelor’s Degree in Software Engineering, Master’s Degree in Information Technology, Master of Science in Software Engineering (MSSE) and Doctorate Degree in Information Technology.

Job Opportunities

I must tell you that the job will all depend on your qualification, experience and more on your interest as there are ample jobs in this specific field. Some of them are Technical Architect, Software Engineer, Functional Analyst, Web Developer, IT Consultant, IT Sales, Programmers, Computer Operators, Computer Technicians, Data Entry Operator and Mobile Application Developers. The IT personnel are one of the highest-paid employees with stunning salaries, perks, swanky workplaces and many other facilities that make their jobs best among a lot. An average salary starts from 30k per month within the IT sector. Information Technology sector not only drives for their own growth but to help other businesses too to get their processes automated. Some top most companies which offer lucrative job opportunities are Google, HP, Adobe, Microsoft, CISCO, Amazon, Intel, IBM, Juniper Systems, Goldman Sachs, etc.

Skills Required for IT Jobs

Candidates must be tech-savvy and flexible in adopting new technologies and well aware of the ways of working on complex technologies. In addition, they must possess essential qualities such as creativity, accuracy and ability to focus on the task. Candidates must possess good communication skills and ability to work in a team and knows how to get a positive outcome in a stressful environment.

One can get a number of opportunities in the IT sector and you have various options to foray into the IT world as there is no specific career path that you need to follow. All you need to do is sit back, relax, check opportunities and then submit an application.

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