Top ATS Agency USA: Everything You May Need to Know

ATS Agency USA

ATS agencies have gained a surge in the USA. Many companies are turning towards ATS agencies here. The reason behind this is the applicant tracking system’s expertise in smoothening the hiring process for the company. It is easier to find good candidates with an ATS agency USA.

But, it is a confusing task to choose the perfect ATS for your company. No two companies are alike. Hence, the hiring needs and requirements change from company to company. Almost every ATS agency USA claims that they have the best applicant tracking systems in the USA. But whom to believe?

Worry not! We’ve got your back! In this blog, we will go through various aspects of an ATS agency with the help of the following points:

  • What is an ATS agency?
  • Benefits of ATS agency in the USA
  • How to choose the correct ATS agency in the US?
  • Top 4 ATS agencies in the USA

We will analyze every aspect of the ATS recruitment agency in the USA. So, stay tuned and scroll further to learn more about ATS agency USA.

What is an ATS agency?

An ATS agency is an organization, company, or platform that provides applicant tracking systems and related services to the companies. This applicant tracking system pipelines the hiring process and helps the recruiter in making the right choice. An ATS recruitment agency does a lot more than just providing the ATS software. It involves:

  • Installation of the software on the company’s devices.
  • Integration of the ATS system USA with other softwares of the company.
  • Providing a continuous helpline related to the ATS software.
  • Compliance with the legalities and documentation.
  • Customization of the software according to the company’s needs.
  • Arranging training programs to understand the workings of the software.

Thus, an ATS agency USA, carries out multiple responsibilities related to the applicant tracking system. Let us see what are its benefits.

What are the benefits of an ATS agency in the USA?

Opting for an ATS agency USA can be quite beneficial for the recruiter. This is how it can benefit the recruiter:

Saves time and increases efficiency

Opting for a good ATS agency USA can save multiple hours for the hiring team of the company. The hiring team can directly delegate the clerical work related to the recruitment process to the software. As a result, this clerical work includes scanning and sorting resumes, summarizing the candidate application, and ranking it according to the job posting.

Additionally, it includes communicating with the candidate, scheduling interviews, and similar work. Instead of wasting their precious time on clerical work, they can optimize their time on other crucial tasks of the company. They can use their brains to develop hiring strategies rather than doing the clerical work related to hiring.

Better candidate quality

An ATS agency USA, helps in sniffing the best candidates from the pile of hundreds for the company. The resumes of the candidates are put under multiple screening rounds. Further, these resumes are compared and ranked according to their compatibility. Only the highest-ranked candidates move to the next round.

Before an interview, the recruiter can take multiple pre-assessment tests with the help of the ATS agency to determine the best fit for the company. During the interview, the recruiter can look at the candidate and understand the facial expressions, too. Not only this! The ATS agency USA allows candidate sourcing from multiple platforms. Thus, a candidate goes through multiple rounds of screening. This increases the candidate’s quality.

Enhanced candidate experience

The ATS agency USA helps in enhancing the candidate experience. It keeps on communicating with the candidates from the beginning till the end. The software sends messages, emails, and even reminders for scheduling the interviews. Also, it reverts back to the applicant after they apply for the position.

This helps the candidate to understand whether their application is submitted or not. It also communicates regarding rejection to the candidates. This way, the candidates won’t have to wait long to apply at other places. The communication not only enhances the candidate experience but also helps build the company image.

Report and analysis

The ATS agency USA provides you with a periodical report. The report consists of an analysis of the hiring strategy of the company. The software informs you of the mistakes and drawbacks in the hiring strategy of the company. Also, it gives suggestions and solutions to improve this strategy. This is helpful in the longer run of the business.

We saw what benefits a recruiter can have with an ATS agency USA. Scroll below to learn more about how to choose an ATS agency in the USA.

How to choose the correct ATS agency in the US?

Choosing the perfect applicant tracking system agency can be an intimidating job. Every ATS agency USA claims to be the best but performs poorly once hired. Below are the points to consider before choosing an ATS agency:

  • ATS agencies can be quite expensive in the US. So, if you have budget constraints, it is better to search for an agency accordingly. Most of the businesses in the USA compare two or more ATS agencies for their price differences.
  • Every ATS agency USA has different features. As two companies can never be the same, two ATS agencies can’t be the same. So, first of all, understand the needs of your company. Then, search for an ATS agency accordingly.
  • If you have your car, we are sure you must have taken a test drive first before purchasing it. The same is true with an ATS agency. It is important to try them before investing in them. Most of the ATS agencies provide a free trial. Take the trial and understand whether the system is fit for your company.

The above-mentioned points talk about how to choose the perfect ATS agency for your business. Stay tuned and read further to learn about the top 4 ATS agencies in the US.

List of the top 4 ATS agencies in the USA

We are giving you an exclusive list of ATS systems USA that have the best performance for many businesses in the USA. All these ATS agencies listed here possess different and unique features. Let’s take a look at them:

Pitch N Hire

Pitch N Hire is one of the best ATS agencies in the USA. It is powered by a strong AI system that helps in the complete automation of the hiring process. Do you have a small business? Worry not! Pitch N Hire is ideal for all-sized companies. Moreover, it helps in hassle-free talent acquisition through its efficient candidate sourcing. So why worry when you can have an ATS like this for your business? Visit their website and book a free demo today!

Freshteam by Freshworks

This is a famous ATS agency USA for its efficient hiring. It allows you to find new candidates and manage the candidate database. This agency also provides various tools to communicate with the candidates efficiently. It is free for companies with up to 50 staff members. This agency also provides a free trial for 21 days on a paid plan.

Recruit CRM

This ATS agency USA, has powerful AI features like resume parsing, email sequencing, and candidate matching. It can integrate with a huge number of third-party applications. Recruit CRM also has a strong Chrome extension for sourcing more candidates. It is one of the most popular agencies in the USA.

Zoho Recruitment

Zoho Recruitment has an affordable pricing system that makes it perfect for both small and medium-sized companies. It has an easy-to-use interface. This makes it easy to navigate, and new team members can learn its functioning quickly. It has good customer support and responsive service agents that provide quick solutions.


The role of ATS agencies cannot be overlooked in today’s competitive world. An ATS agency USA is a medium to ease the hiring process for companies and acquire the best talent in the market before your competitor does. It is important to do so as talented candidates are in demand all over the world.

If you miss hiring them, they will get another company, but you might lose your chance. To avoid this disappointment, it is important to opt for an ATS agency that will help you acquire the best talent in the market. Visit any of the above-mentioned agencies and book a free trial today!

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