Top 5 Reasons Indians Love Playing Online Ludo Game

Online Ludo Game

Indians do not consider Ludo a game, and the game flows through their blood and is an explicit part of their culture and history. The roots of Ludo had been laid down in the form of Chaupad or Pachisi, and Pandavs and Kauravs played it during the era of Mahabharata. Today many Indian families play online ludo games regardless of their age and culture. So, it is like a family tradition.

With the world getting digitized, a lot has changed. We have an innumerable number of options for board games. However, Ludo is still the only one anybody, and everybody can easily play. It is almost like a bonding activity for the Indians. The availability of Online Ludo Game has added to the number of players around the globe. The game that was priorly restricted to board and coins and a stable place to place them can now be played anywhere, including a moving vehicle or a flying airplane. The growing popularity of the Online Ludo game has now made it one of the most successful business ventures in recent times. The Ludo Game Development has also had cash options that do the dual job of bringing joy and earning money for the people.

There is a considerable cash flow opportunity and has made people millions of dollars, which was just used to be fun and games. Nevertheless, Online Ludo Game holds the same meaning in the hearts of millions of Indian people.

The factors that differentiate it from any other app or board game are-

1. The Emotional Quotient

As we already know, Ludo is not a game for Indians. It is an emotion. The playing, arguing, cheating, and even turning the board upside down while you lose has brought thousands of families closer. People were losing touch with their families and themselves for a while, but then COVID-19 emerged. It acted as a miracle in disguise for people, and it allowed them to reconnect, and the Ludo Game App once again became a family favorite.

2. Enhancing bonds

Online Ludo Game is a multiplayer game that can be played either with two or four separate players or teams of two. This gives a sense of teamwork. In addition, it is an opportunity to play with your friends and family. Moreover, the hours you spend playing Online Ludo Game brings people closer.

3. This leads to brain development

Online Ludo Games might sound fun and games, but it is just not that. Playing Ludo also helps with cognitive skills. It also enhances a person’s critical reasoning, logical reasoning, and spatial reasoning, touching almost every reasoning nerve of the brain. It also helps develop focus and sharpens a person’s brain to strategize and plan victory. Additionally, counting and adding is also an excellent tool to practice math for the kids in a fun way. Finally, it also promotes sportsmanship, competitiveness, loyalty, etc.

4. Reduces Stress

People already know how stress can poison the human body. Heart attacks, anxiety attacks, panic attacks, and the list goes on. Furthermore, even though a year has already passed since the spread of COVID – 19, people are still coping with the void and stress that covid left. Online ludo games play the role of the stress buster. During an office break or after a bad meeting, people have the option to play Ludo and de-stress themselves quickly. It gives your brain the essential step back from all the competition, and it makes it peaceful and re-energizes it to fight again.

5. Ideal pastime

Indians have a unique and integral place for our evening tea and snack time. Furthermore, after a long day of work and study, we need something entertaining to freshen our minds. Online Ludo Game was our savior at that time. 2-3 matches of Ludo created a happy environment and helped us enjoy ourselves. It is also a significant part of friends and family holidays. Ludo gives an illusion of time passing faster.

Final Wrap-up

Ludo is the best board game invented. However, it is mainly played online using good Ludo Game Software Development. Everybody is playing online Ludo games, which has made it a billion-dollar industry. So to be a part of it, you will need to Hire Ludo Game Developer that can create a Ludo Game Software Development program so good that it can compete with the million apps already out there.

If you have to choose a Ludo Game Software Provider, hands down, it would be Mobzway. It is the best Ludo Game Software Provider, with a comprehensive list of happy clients. They provide Ludo Game App Development for an end number of operating software, including iOs, Android, Windows, HTML, Linux, and many more. Hence, their app is functional on phones, laptops, and tablets. Providing a customized app for their clients is their working factor. Contact Mobzway to get the best-customized Ludo Game App Development that meets the demands of your business model and brings back the Ludo emotions in you and your family.

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