Top 4 Graphics Editors for Your Vector Artwork

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Yes, a vector graphics editor allows you to swiftly create and edit vector files, create vector objects and even proceed with all various manipulations to it. Bear in mind that Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw are indicated as the well-known graphics editors but they are not at all available for Linux unfortunately. But thanks to the different online platforms that provide the best SVG converter to perform SVG vector graphics conversions without any quality loss.

Apart from Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw, we are going to list the best vector drawing software that works best on Linux.

Why vector graphics are used?

Vector graphics are typically used by designers to swiftly create graphics that need to be scaled. The upside is that defined each line, curve, shape, and color mathematically. The vector graphics are mainly scaled down for a business card or up for a billboard. No matter whether you want to perform single or batch vector SVG conversions, the source of provides the best SVG converter online to transform files to and from SVG formats.


This is referred to as a free vector design tool that works best for illustrators and web designers. Even this incredible tool works as an online SVG converter to convert files to SVG vector images without any quality distortion. Inkscape comes with great cross-platform graphics tools that can be considered for creating illustrations, logos, icons, diagrams, maps, and much more related to the artwork.

You can use this tool to import and export different file formats to a great extent of level.

Why Use:

  • Packed with the drawing tool, pen tool, straight lines calligraphy tools for freehand artwork
  • Explore the Rectangle, Ellipses, Stars / Polygons, Spirals shapes are along with text tools
  • Provides you with the options to create and embed bitmaps
  • Fetch certain options including Transformations, Z-order operations, grouping objects, and layering
  • Get the color selector, color picker tool, pattern fills, dashed strokes, and much more

Gravit (not open source):

Gravit is referred to as the great vector graphics editor that works best for Linux and other platforms. This vector tool can be considered for screen designs, high-quality icons, printing, illustrations, presentation, prototyping, and animation. Besides that, you could account with an online SVG converter for your vector SVG logo conversions.

It provides you with an easy and clean interface making it the perfect choice for Graphic designers.

Why Use:

  • Create vector graphics with a high-level precision
  • Provides you with powerful pages with masters, symbols, and real layers to structure content
  • Provides support for non-destructive Boolean, knife tools, and path graphs
  • Fetch the multiple fill and borders, different effects, and even the bending models
  • Explore a professional and powerful layout with grids and anchors
  • Highly suitable for presentations, animations, states, prototypes, and much more

Moreover, if you want to convert from SVG to another compatible file format, you have to start using an online SVG converter right now.

Vectr (not open source):

It is another free graphic design tool that takes into account the creation of vector graphics that are scalable without any quality degradation. It is even also used to create 2D graphics, icons, websites, illustrations, logos, resumes, and much more. Moreover, you could even stick with an online SVG converter if you want to transform the file to an SVG vector image and vice versa.

The upside about this tool is that it can be used both as a desktop application or online (Chrome Browser).

Why Use:

  • Its toolbars are packed with all the essential creation tools for creating a rectangle, curved, circle, line, and even certain freehand curves
  • It provides you with an option to share your work over social media platforms
  • It allows you to export a file in JPG, PNG, or SVG vector graphic files. Also, it works as free to use online SVG converter for SVG vector graphic file conversions
  • provides you with a real time sharing
  • packed with a Google-Doc style collaboration; and much more

LibreOffice Draw:

It is referred to as an open-source office suite that provides a huge number of applications. This program works as a vector graphics editor and diagramming tool that is included in the suite that allows you to produce from a quick sketch to a daunting professional diagram. You could try this application to create drawings, curves, posters, and much more. Apart from that, whenever you require exporting raster images as a vector file, then it’s best to commence using an online SVG converter.

Why Use:

  • the best tool for creating technical drawings and brochures
  • you can easily arrange tools according to your artwork preferences
  • it allows you to manipulate graphical objects, crop them, group them, and much more
  • you could now build flowcharts, organization charts, and network diagrams as well

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