Where should you Invest Your money for Better ROI? Google Ads or Facebook Ads?

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For a long time, individuals and marketing teams have been confused regarding investing in either Google Ads or Facebook Ads. They question which one of these would work better in terms of generating higher ROI. As a digital lead generation agency, our very simple to-point answer to this query is, it depends.

Both of these are appreciable online advertising platforms and the extent of their success depends on your goals, target audience, and most importantly the nature of your business.

The huge altercation on Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

It is a common fact that people with small ventures and startups have quite a limited budget set aside for advertising. Hence, deciding where to invest that limited portion of money for advertising can be overly challenging. This is why we are going to go through a detailed description regarding Google and Facebook Ads along with letting you conclude which one of these would get you a better return on investment.

Before proceeding to the part which lets you decide which one of these would work better for you, let us start with a few fundamental differences between Google and Facebook Ads.

What are Google Ads?

One can not even begin to imagine how much the advancements in technology have affected us. It has given us a myriad of choices along with altering the way we communicate data and information. One such breakthrough in technology is the existence of the company Google created back in 1998.

Google is an online search engine that around 70% of the online users make use of in order to equip themselves with knowledge regarding every single thing ever known to mankind. Moreover, Google is used by 1 billion users all over the world monthly. Google is responsible for processing around 5.6 billion queries per day.

All these figures must be sufficient enough to let you know the continually growing massive audience size that Google possesses. Initially known as Google AdWords, Google Ads is now one of the most popular and widely used pay-per-click advertising platforms in the world.

Pay-per-click means that advertisers are supposed to pay only when a user clicks on their Ads. Google not only shows Ad results related to the query but it shows Ads results related to the nearest location of the user.

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook is another social media platform that has majorly altered the way we communicate. However, Facebook is a little bit inclined towards the social aspect of one’s life. Yet, the significance of Facebook Ads in marketing strategies is unmistakable and one can not simply deny it. This is because Facebook has a massive audience size of around 2.89 billion active users monthly.

One advantage of Facebook Ads over Google Ads is that Facebook is well aware of our social behaviours hence, it shows relevant Ads on our timelines. Facebook works in a way that it gathers the data related to your subjects of interest through your friend list, liked pages, joined groups, and recently viewed images and photos. This is the primary reason behind Facebook Ads being so effective.

The gathered data proves to be quite beneficial for advertisers as Facebook automatically shows their Ads to their targeted audience. For this very reason, Facebook Ads have become a quite common advertising platform among small business owners with limited budgets.

The major difference in working of Google and Facebook Ads.

The basic difference between Facebook and Google Ads is how the advertised products or services are displayed to the users or potential customers.

Facebook displays Ads for users solely based on their interest on the other hand, Google displays Ads for users when the user specifically searches for any product or service relevant to that advertised product or service. In simpler words, we can say Facebook Ads tend to focus mainly on brand awareness while Google Ads are more inclined towards lead generation and increased revenue. 

Final thoughts

The answer to the main question is not that simple however, to conclude the entire debate of Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads we can confidently say that Google Ads is the winner in terms of generating better ROI.

This is because, unlike Facebook Ads, Google Ads won’t just help you increase the traffic on your site, it would specifically show your Ads to people who are in search of a product relevant to your business. Whereas, Facebook Ads will generally show your Ads to people who say slight interest in relevant products or services.In case you are still struggling to choose between Facebook or Google Ads, take help from us. We at ScaleyourBiz will make sure to spend your limited budget on the most accurate platform according to your business nature. This will enable you to generate a higher and quicker return on investment!

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