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Since its launch in 2016, iTop VPN has gained access to more than 10 million users. iTop VPN is one of the “best free VPNs on the market,” aggressively promoted. The complete iTop VPN review can be found below. Although iTop VPN is best known as a free service, it provides much more than some of its rivals. However, as part of this review, people will also thoroughly examine iTop’s paid plans and their intriguing added features.

The free arrangement gives 700MB each day, or 21GB each month, more than the Area of interest Safeguard; however, ProtonVPN’s limitless free account is not exactly. Paying clients will approach more than 1,800 servers in the north of 100 areas. With many dedicated streaming and gaming servers and a few P2P locations, this is a respectable number of servers.

How good are iTop VPN’s desktop apps?

The Windows VPN app from iTop isn’t bad and has some exciting features, but the app’s basic design needs to be given more attention.

Take, for example, the server list. Most VPNs logically arrange their servers alphabetically or based on ping time. Nonetheless, not here. Although there is a search bar, the servers do not appear in any order. In addition, there is no Favorites or Recent tab, so you must search each time or memorize the jumbled list.

When you press the large on/off button, you should also anticipate being connected to a local server.

The good news is that iTop offers dedicated servers for various activities. Netflix, Disney+, PUBG, WhatsApp, Facebook, and multiple administrations are accessible. The quick access pane lets you connect to a few pre-selected servers to make things easier.

They  would much rather have a straightforward, effective, and logical layout and feature set than a primary product with many added features, despite the cleverness of those features.

What is the speed of iTop VPN?

When choosing a VPN, exceptional execution is frequently at the Top of most shopping lists. Nobody wants to deal with slow Web speeds. People tested iTop VPN on 1Gbps connections in the UK and the US to see what it could do.

In the United Kingdom, 180-190 Mbps speeds were typical. That should keep you from slowing down, but a VPN will never be fast. On the other hand, iTop’s rates in the United States slightly increased to 360-400 Mbps. One test even reached a staggering 900Mbps, but it was deemed an anomaly because it was impossible to replicate.

Diverged from other VPNs using OpenVPN, that is highly perfect – ProtonVPN showed up at 460Mbps, while first-in-class provider ExpressVPN scarcely broke 300Mbps.

Regardless, diverged from those organizations using Wire Guard or other state-of-the-art shows, iTop needs to catch up. IPVanish and NordVPN exceeded 800Mbps, while Light way by ExpressVPN reached approximately 600Mbps.

It’s also important to note that people need to know which protocol iTop VPN uses in this instance. When test virtually every other VPN, they  know that although OpenVPN’s speeds may be sluggish, they are still protected and fully encrypted. Who is aware of iTop’s methods for achieving faster speeds?

iTop VPN’s additional features

The workstation applications contain a significant amount of information.

To get started, you’ll get a kill button. This worked most of the time in their testing, but when  intentionally crashed the app, it failed. Additionally, because they were not informed of this, it is possible that they would have been unintentionally exposed had it taken place.

You’ll get segmented burrowing that fills in as it should, coordinating your program traffic through the VPN, for instance, while keeping the rest of your network spotless.

With the help of DNS Protection, you can keep your DNS settings safe from outside changes. Moreover, there are various public DNS suppliers to look over, including OpenDNS, Verizon, Google, and others.

Auto-connection is one feature that is absent from insecure Wi-Fi. Since most VPNs currently provide this, its absence is surprising.

Security Reinforce, on the other hand, is a novel addition. It will check your computer to see if the security settings of any other apps aren’t working well, and it will show you those settings so you can change them. Throughout, it provided excellent direction, making it a handy feature.

Last, Browser Privacy is a valuable feature that can clean up your browser.


iTop VPN appears professional and sleek at first glance. In any case, to rival laid-out brands, they need to work on their framework. iTop VPN might be a good option if you want something better than your typical intermediary and want a relaxed VPN for important browsing.

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