Top 3 Best Software To Easy Merging Your PDF Files


Manual transferring of data can be a tedious task, mainly when a single file contains countless pages and muddled outlines. Usually, this task would require days to finish. One of the efficient options to help you transfer a piece of essential information in one folder is through the PDF merging tool. It is best to let your work be quickly done, especially if you need to send bulk files.

It will be time-consuming to look for software if you’re not familiar with this thing along these lines. So we are here to help you as we enlisted the top 3 PDF mergers you can access for free. Combining PDF, alongside multiple tools from this rundown, allows you to deal with an enormous number of documents without a moment’s delay so that you can save time. 


The first pick on the list is PDFBear, or also best known as easy-to-navigate software, letting you do an easy merge PDF file. You can also access all of the features available on its website for free. Plus, it lets you view your file without the need for new tools for editing stuff before merging it to one folder or print it out.

What makes this a great tool is that it always keeps your document secure from any hacker. It uses SSL encryption to save the environment secured while uploading, editing, and downloading your files. You can always access this web-based tool in any program available, whether through your computer or smartphone. 

Besides, this software’s main feature is to give the best nature of work for you, making sure to transfer the best version of your files to any format you need. Both come with the free and pro version, and saving your file to your created account is possible as well, as long as you opt for the Pro one.

PDFMate Free PDF Merger 

Next on the list is a powerful PDF merger free software accessible to anyone. The 

PDF Mate comes with many features letting you do all of your tasks in one fantastic tool. You can edit, merge, and break apart your PDF file into such a usable piece. Plus, it is not a problem even if your file has a large size. You can still upload, delete specific pages from your document, and merge all of the files you need to combine in one folder.

If you need to rearrange the vital information, you can access it freely. Converting scanned files into other formats is possible as well. With PDFMate, you can combine as many PDF files as you wish and choose which pages you want to merge. You can change over BMP, JPG, PNG, and TIF to PDF. Additionally, you can pick between 2-in-1 or 4-in-1 page formats so that you can decrease paper burn through and the time spent altering. One more thing, you can make an encrypted PDF document. This permits you not to stress over anyone accessing your own information. 

Here are some features of the free version of PDF Mate for you to access: 

  • You can change over thoroughly scanned PDFs to be utilized as editable and accessible content.
  • You can change over documents into different formats – PDF to Text/EPUB/Html/Image/SWF/Word and convert JPG to PDF. 
  • You can combine batch PDF records into one with only a single click.

PDF merge

The top 3 on the list is a unique web-based software that can likewise be utilized offline whenever it is downloaded to assist you with merging two or more PDF files. Both the user interface of the website and downloaded application are very user-friendly. They are intended to make each option extensive and straightforward. 

One of the drawbacks of utilizing PDFmerge is that it has a constraint of 15MB size files. On the off chance that you have countless PDF documents to combine, you would need to take the files individually. This can cause efficiency issues when working with an enormous number of records. If that’s the case, it is suggested that you utilize other software options from this rundown. 

When it comes to the merging process of two PDF files, it assures to provide you a quicker service than ever. Select the documents you need to combine by tapping the ‘choose file’ buttons, and afterward, you can click merge. Likewise, you can also process PDF records by utilizing PDFmerge. To do this, you should choose the multiple files you need to process and afterward click on ‘more files’ to have the option to merge at least five records into one document. 

Contingent upon your files’ size, the process should take under 30 seconds. After the processing is finished, you can now download your newly merged file on your PC or any device.The process toward uploading your files to the PDFmerge servers is being performed by utilizing a safe transfer with an encrypted connection. With this, you don’t have to stress over any third party to access the information inside. 


All the needed tools to accomplish any task like merging or combining PDF files can be easily accessible today. Suppose you are just going to take a look online. In that case, everything seems quick and easy, especially with all the PDF software programs willing to provide you most services. You can always look for one tool that meets all of your needs, but we suggest not opting for the top pick we have on the list.

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