To Choose the Right Riflescope, Learn the Most Common Terms


If you’re looking for an outdoor activity but don’t enjoy lots of company, you can consider rifle shooting. You need not hunt—it can be an excellent hobby to improve your preciseness, control, and focus. But to succeed in that, you need the right tools, such as Nightforce SHV riflescopes.

In this article, you will learn some of the common terms associated with these scopes. This way, you can maximise your investment.

What Is a Riflescope?

A scope is an optical device that helps magnify an object. You can see it in many items, including microscopes and telescopes. When mounted on a rifle, then it becomes a telescopic sight.

Not all firearms come with scopes. Often, they are optional accessories, so to attach them to the gun, you also need to buy Nightforce rings Australia shops like The Barn sells.

At first glance, the riflescope appears to have only one lens at the front attached to a long rigid tube. In reality, it has many types of lenses that all work together to create a more precise aim:

  • Objective lens, which is at the front
  • Ocular lens, which is at the backmost portion of the scope
  • Magnification lenses, which are inside a tube between the focus and objective lens
  • Focus lens, which is behind the objective lens

How Does It Work?

For you to see the image using the Nightforce SHV scope, light must enter first into the objective lens and travel all the way to the ocular lens, which is closest to the eye. It helps you perceive the object, which may be many feet away.

If the object is far, though, you need to adjust the magnification of your scope. Note that the magnification can vary depending on whether you want to do short- or long-range shooting.

Take, for example, Nightforce NX8 Australia stores now have. It has a magnification power of 1-8×24, which means that the appearance of the target on the scope may be exact or up to 8 times bigger than its actual size. For this reason, it is ideally used for short-and mid-range shooting.

If you are looking for lightweight, billet, titanium, cerakoted, or regular forged lowers, you can check ar10 lower forged.

What’s the Difference between First and Second Focal Planes?

Scopes can also vary according to whether it’s a first (FFP) or a second focal plane (SFP). It refers to the position of the reticle and how it appears on the eyesight as you decrease and increase the magnification.

Some people call reticle as crosshair, and it is the dot or cross you see when you look into a scope. With a reticle, you can increase the accuracy of your shoot, especially if the object is at a considerable distance.

Nightforce SHV is a first-focal plane since you have to place the reticle in front of the magnification lens. In your line of sight, the crosshairs will appear bigger or smaller, depending on the magnification. This is helpful when you’re shooting at long ranges.

If the reticle is behind the magnification lens, then the scope is a second focal plane. Regardless of the increase or decrease of the magnification, the size of the crosshair remains the same.

Why does this matter? The clarity of the reticle can still affect your aim. When you’re using an FFP scope, accuracy is high as magnification goes up. However, the reticle may be less evident in the lowest settings.

When you use SFP guns like Nightforce NXS, the accuracy is excellent even at low magnification. But range estimation can be a problem.

Hopefully, with this basic guide, you can decide better on which scope is more ideal for your needs. For more information, visit us at

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