8 tips to prepare a successful Inbound Marketing strategy

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Regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur, a SME or a large company, to start an effective internet strategy without wasting your marketing budget, you must first have a clear understanding of what we can achieve starting with the construction of a strategy with measurable and real objectives. before taking action

However, often, many of the clients we have advised, implemented tactical actions, be it a website or a profile on Facebook, without a clear notion of how to take advantage of these means to drive traffic to their physical premises or improve engagement or but still without understanding his ” buyer person “.

According to top inbound marketing books you should follow these 8 tips to prepare a successful inbound marketing strategy and not fall into common mistakes:

1. Understand the conversion funnel

Define the steps that a user has to take to meet a specific objective within your website or when interacting with a post on facebook or advertisement, all your actions should lead to generate a record, make a purchase or Lead generation

2. Define your buyer people and know what they are looking for

The ” buyer person ” is the representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.

When creating your buyer-person (s), consider the inclusion of demographic data, behaviour patterns, motivations and objectives. The more detailed, the better.

Do not waste your time, without a detailed definition of your customers, you will end up focusing your time producing irrelevant content and attracting unqualified traffic to your business.

3. Be clear on what social channels your potential customers are.

Not all social networks or media are for everything and for everyone, each one has its own purpose and unique communication codes. If you did a good job, defining your buyer person, you will be very clear what your customers expect you to do in social networks to maintain and strengthen the relationship or in what medium to invest to promote your website.

4. Have a unique, clear and well-defined value

proposition Your proposal must be unique and that means understanding very well that it differentiates you from your competition and because a customer is going to prefer you over others. Create your identity through a branding that reflects your personality and a content strategy that evokes your brand.

5. Empower your customers

Seek to listen and maintain relationships with your customers. Remember that your goal is to establish long-term relationships and seek to meet the individual needs of your customers. Give voice and opportunity to your customers to customize your products and / or services.

6. Create stories about your brand through content

The reality is that if you produce useful, relevant and fresh content, you have a better chance of convincing consumers that you are worthy of their time and doing business with you.

Also, if you want to be found in a search engine, get followers on social networks or have people talking about you online you need one thing: Invest in a content marketing strategy.

7. Build brand reputation to eliminate distrust

When was the last time you purchased a product and / or service without first seeking recommendations, reviews and / or testimonials?

Look for your customers to leave comments online, to gain influence. In addition to improving the credibility and reputation of your brand, these online comments increase your likelihood of appearing better ranked in search results and don’t forget that managing your digital reputation helps increase sales.

8. Do not forget about Measurement

Remember, what is not measured, cannot be managed. Use the analytics tools offered by Google, Facebook, etc. to help you get a better understanding of what’s really going on and make sure you’re doing what really matters.

My conclusion:

The ways in which consumers connect with each other and with brands has changed significantly in recent years. Today’s consumer is much more empowered and no longer believes brands, more so, if all they are looking for is to pressure them on purchases. The good news is that planning a good inbound marketing strategy, with a minimum of additions to your global marketing budget, can achieve a significant impact to adapt to the new consumer and increase your sales.

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