Instagram is the route to your Website Traffic: Some simple tips to help you drive traffic from Instagram!

drive traffic from Instagram

The concept of promotion through digital media dates way back and one can make sure that their business gets more and more exposure from the right sources. The influence of social media in the present times is huge, and one cannot deny how intricately linked to our daily lives in the present day. There are millions of people across the world that opt for using the Instagram and other social media platforms for various reasons, and if you are able to use it for business strategically, you can make sure that your website is getting more exposure through the social media platforms that you have as well.  The idea is to tap the traffic from your social media platforms to your website such that you are getting overall huge traffic and consistent profit through these clients.

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Why opt for Instagram promotion?

The Instagram platform is an image intensive platform which is majorly and primarily designed for the mobile phones, and it has over the years gained a huge status in business in particular. Ever since the introduction of business profiles in the year of 2016, the Instagram platform is one of the best choices when you are trying to get digital marketing for any kind of business. There are over 800 million active users of the Instagram platform throughout the year, and you can rest assured that people are looking for every genre of products which is why you are likely to get enough, and significant number of traffic through it provided you are strategizing your promotional campaign right. Here we are going to discuss some of the best ways in which you can drive the Instagram followers to your website and generate significant number of traffic on the business website itself.

The link in the bio

This is the easiest way in which you can drive traffic to your website from Instagram. Add the link of your site on your Instagram bio and then add a caption “click the link on the bio” with the post so that people are going to follow the link and visit the website. You can simply add a home link to the site or keep updating the link according to the latest updates on the website. If there is a new product launch, then add the link to the launched product on your Instagram. In case an offer or discount voucher for certain products are available to add the specific link to the page in the bio. At the same time make sure that you update the image that is relevant to your Instagram feed so that people are attracted to check it out and find out about the link from there. However, it is not always very effective if you are never changing the link in the bio. In order to get maximum traffic and revenue from the website, it is better to change the link in the bio periodically frequently.

Instagram ad campaigns

There are various features on Instagram that ensure that you are able to gain more and more traffic through it to your website. One of the best options would be the Instagram ad campaign. You can create an Instagram ad, and unlike the organic posts, these ads are clickable, and hence you would be able to generate a direct click on your website link through them. This would ensure that you are getting from traffic to your site through Instagram. The ad campaigns are designed to match the usual style of the Instagram feeds and notification, and while the followers scroll through their feed, they would be able to click on the link of the campaign and then be redirected to the website for which the campaign was created. There is a call through action button reading learn more with such links and you would be able to get more and more traffic to the website and also click rate as the viewers opt to click on these links. The companies can also opt for Gramista to get genuine followers who would be able to generate direct sales and you can ensure that your business is getting consistent profit through such options.

Tagging the products

The various features of the business profiles of Instagram include the option to tag your products and provide a link and short description along with it. When your clients and viewers are seeing the image that you have uploaded and placing the mouse pointer on it, they would be able to see a bubble with a short description of the product and a link to get more details about it. This link would redirect them to your website itself. They look like tags, and these tags are specifically meant for the products. However, this is a service that is exclusive to the US retailers, and they have to meet certain criteria as well to be eligible to use these feature. They must have an Instagram business profile and their product genre should be jewelry, apparels and beauty products and the account should be in English. This is a great way to drive enough traffic to your website, and you can make sure that you are able to earn consistent profit from your Instagram when you have such a facility at your disposal.


It is crucial that you have a thorough idea about the ways in which you can use Instagram for business promotion. The tips provided here are exclusively helpful for ensuring that you are getting enough traffic on your website through Instagram. When you have a consistent number of followers on Instagram, and they are redirected to the website you can rest assured that you would be able to generate a consistent amount of traffic on the site itself.

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