Inspiring Tips For Creating Videos That Stand Out On Facebook

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Videos are exploding on Facebook nowadays because they have become the best way to create engagement with the social media community. For businesses, this could mean a HUGE marketing opportunity. It’s the reason why more and more companies are investing in video production services. The good news is, creating videos is now fast and easy. However, with all of the video contents shared on Facebook, to be recognized can be a tedious undertaking.

‘There is no magic ticket to video success on Facebook…’

Facebook has the largest audience of any social network, so expect a very stiff video marketing competition on this platform. But don’t worry. There are a lot of means to optimizing your video in the ways that it will have the highest impact on Facebook. If you are planning to use videos to promote your business, and you choose Facebook to where your videos will belong, that is one brilliant plan to pursue.

But, you have to learn how to play the game. Video success on all social media sites is the result of creativity, right process and time-consuming hard work of people who know the difference between good and bad videos. There are some crucial considerations that you have to carefully look at to get high chances of success.

How to win with videos on Facebook?

Studies show that people love watching videos and they are always on social media. According to statistics, there are 82% Facebook users in the U.S alone. And these individuals are spending 162 minutes of their time every day checking their social media accounts. So using video content on social media as a marketing strategy is very smart. But with the myriad videos circulating the web today, this tactic can be tricky.

The Secret To Successful Videos

When you use videos on social media to promote and advertise your brand, product or service, you are after attracting a high number of views, shares, likes, and comments. But, in today’s highly digital world, getting the edge to be in front of your Facebook audience is becoming much harder. Videos didn’t just wake up one day with millions of views. So what’s the secret of these viral videos circulating online?

VIDEO VALUE AND QUALITY: The Top Keys To Creating Videos That Impact

Still wondering how to optimize your videos on Facebook to get more views and engagement? Here are the two best ways to display your video content on Facebook.

  • Create videos that have value.

When creating video contents for Facebook, think about your audience. You are asking for their time and attention. Don’t waste it. Creating videos that have value means you value a person’s time and effort. So stop merely thinking about your business. Instead, think of the people whom you need for your business to stay alive. Make meaningful, interesting, informative and educational video contents. Facebook users are men and women of all ages. Your video must be something valuable to all types of people.

  • Ensure quality in every video.

Some videos that have value still fail because they forgot about the importance of quality in any type of content. In videos, quality is one of the main ingredients to its success. Who wants to watch a low-class video production? No one. But on the contrary, a high-quality video can grab one’s attention right away. Your video is noticeable if the graphics and animations are great. From the colors, transitions, and movement, every element will matter. In this case, there’s a need for you to invest in high-quality video animation and production services. It’s one great investment to make.

Creating Videos That Stand Out On Facebook

TOP 5 Inspiring Tips For Businesses Like You

  1. Create videos that bring out positive emotion.

Emotions play a massive part in how a viewer reacts on a video. There are several types of powerful emotions, but a positive mood works better most of the time. It’s ideal to try to be funny or humorous when telling the story of your business. Open with a punchline. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, be sure to stay in line with your main idea and maintain the relevance of your video script to your niche. Evoke positive emotion using specific words, music tracks, and engaging visuals. It will entice viewers to click on your video with the first 7 seconds.

  1. Keep the video short.

The attention span of the modern viewers is shorter. So try to keep your video on the short side too. Pay attention to your message early to avoid lengthy videos. The first 3-7 seconds are crucial so use this time to tease content and present your value proposition. Your audience must quickly understand what you are trying to deliver. It’s one way to easily grab their attention. One good example of a short video is a 90-second explainer video. This time is enough and ideal to make your objectives clear in your video production. Also, remember that the longer the video, the lesser the chances of converting. Simply, because lengthy videos bore viewers.

  1. Be interactive on your video.

Let your viewers feel that you are personally talking or reaching out on them. Especially if you choose to use traditional animation. This type of video is proven to be compelling, but you will not be using real-life characters. So it’s vital for you to impose real and authentic mood in the entire video production. An interactive video is motivating enough to encourage viewers to comment, like or share the video. Impose authority yet don’t forget to give importance to the voices of your viewers. Through your videos, let your target audience speak their minds. It’s also a way to know what they want for you to be able to provide them with what they genuinely need.

  1. Use amazing graphics, transitions, movements, and effects.

Since we are talking about creating videos that will surely stand out on Facebook, be fantastic on your visuals. Videos are powerful because they are primarily visual materials that people see. It is what makes them compelling. Moreover, as much as 85% of Facebook video is viewed with the sound off which means your visual presentation is highly significant. So start with eye-catching visual techniques. It’s an effective means of enticing viewers to turn on the audio and start listening and watching to what you are trying to say.

  1. Be honest about your video.

Sometimes, just to attract viewers, videos feature false and wrong information. This is bad. Eventually, your viewers will know if you are telling facts or lie. So being honest on your video is something that can help boost its visibility and impact. Not many people may realize this, but to be truthful in the information that you present in your video is an important factor that can help your video become a success.


It may take practices to learn how to create videos that will stand out on Facebook. But with the right amount of creativity and effort, you are surely going to make videos that will double the marketing progress of your business.

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