10 Tips to Create a Meaningful and Impressive Business Logo Design

Business Logo Design

Logos are crucial tools for startup to enterprise companies to drive target customers to businesses. However, to achieve this goal, logos have to be an impressive design with wise use of colors, typefaces. images, symbols and other such elements.

An effective business logo is the one that can introduce its company and business in an impressive and memorable way to people in general and customers in particulars. To create such a logo, you must keep in mind following crucial tips.

  1. Research Well – Prior to reaching to your drawing board, do some research to know about your client’s company and its business? Find out what type of industry the business falls in and the products or services it sells. You should particularly know more about target customers.
  2. Know Brand Personality – Each company tries to stand out in market with its unique brand personality. To find out the brand personality, an easier way is to know its brand message for its customers. Write down the message and reflect it using right colors and fonts etc elements.
  3. Find Unique Idea – Your business logo design should be based on unique idea or concept. In fact, such an idea will be helpful in creating a logo that stand out.
  4. Use Perfect Colors – Make sure that you use colors to express brand personality of your client’s business. Find out which colors or their combination will manifest the brand. Remember that each color expresses a different set of emotion.
  5. Choose Right Fonts – Plenty of new typefaces or fonts are accessible from the web and most of them are free. This is an opportunity for designers for experimenting with fonts in their own ways. So, choose fonts that can give your business logo a unique look and personality.
  6. Draw Sketches – A useful advice for creating unique corporate logo is to draw some sketches rapidly on a piece of paper. In this way, you will have many drawings in quick time. All these sketches are in fact your new logo ideas. Select one or two of them for developing them into logos.
  7. Get Approval – When you have some logo sketches, take few of them to your client for approval. This is important so that the client does not reject your logo idea at later stage. Discuss the sketches with client and make him or her realize its importance for business.
  8. Use Grids – Logo design grids are accessible online. Use these grids to create business logos that are well proportion in size and design elements. Grids will help in keeping logo design symmetry perfect so that logos do not become disproportionate in bigger or smaller sizes.
  9. Create in Black – First, create logo in black and white and fill colors in it only when you are impressed with the design. Remember that many newspaper ads, billboards etc will print logos without colors.
  10. Get Feedback – Get suggestions regarding improvements in your business logos from your peers, expert designers, followers on your social media page. If you find them worth implementing, do not hesitate to do so before sending the logo to your client.

Hope that these tips will help you in creating meaningful and unique business logo design to convey an intended message.

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