6 best android apps Everyone Must Know

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Let’s not waste time in blindly downloading the apps found in the Google Play Store. Let’s first get yourself aware about the best free android apps, which can be beneficial to you. Instead of blindly downloading any app and wasting the storage space, it is better to get updated about the best useful Android apps. Google Play Store supports more than 2 Millions apps with remarkable features. But, as you all know, there are always some best items in all. And so, these apps are which I am going to share now. So, let’s have a look at them.

List of 5 best android apps Everyone Must Know

#1. Google Duo

Forget WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, or whatever app you use for video calling. If you want the best video calling app, switch to Google Duo now only. Install it in your Android device, make your account, and start using it. Once you will log in your account on Google Duo, it will become easy to make a video call like a standard phone call. Well, it supports a feature known as Knock-Knock which enables you to preview the caller before even receiving the call. Sometimes the person you are calling is not available at that moment, so, you can drop a video message to that person. Well, the app is much more exciting, and no matter, whether you are using Android or iOS, you can download it, and use it.

#2. GBWhatsApp

GBWhatsApp is the modification of WhatsApp supporting more advanced features than the official WhatsApp. GBWhatsApp provides an exciting pack of stickers to its users, which they can use to express their feelings and emotions in a better way. Well, the user can create the stickers on its own of his/her choice. You can also clear your GBWhatsApp data. While recording a voice note, GBWhatsApp allows you to hide your recording status. You can also hide your name from the view list of your friend’s status.

#3. AirBeam

This app allows you to screen mirror any mobile device onto your Android TV or any other smart TV. You can stream your favorite programs or share content from your phone and enjoy it on your TV’s larger screen. Your Android will be able to function as a convenient remote, anytime!

#4. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a browser application which supports free exciting features as well as the necessary one like unlimited tabs, desktop syncing, Google translates, built-in Google search, HTML 5 support, quick links to favorite sites, and built-in Google search.

#5. Xender

Well, I believe, if you are an Android device user, you must have this app installed in it. If you have this app in your device, you don’t need to carry USB data cable for exchanging files with PC. It is a better alternative of Bluetooth because its speed is better in sharing any file between the devices because it is a cross-platform application.

#6. MX Player

And now the last best android apps all time is MX Player. It supports all the prime audio and video formats which a user requires. MX Player supports some exciting features like fast forwarding and volume control gestures, on-screen kid lock, editing of subtitle timeframes, you can even zoom in and out the video. The best features of MX Player, it is available free from ads.

Final Verdicts

So, guys, use these 6 best android apps and enjoy them. Share this post in social media as much as you can, Thank You.

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  1. Superb. i personally use the GBwhatsup. it is one of the amazing app. i have problems because i have two accounts this is the big problem for me to sign in and sign out. now i use both of them with this GBwhatsup. thanks for sharing this amazing app.

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