Tips For Removing Clogs And Drain Cleaning

Clogs And Drain Cleaning

Cleaning a drain is a work everyone wants to avoid because. However, maintaining your drainage pipe is one of the chores you need to do in order to have a clean and hygienic bathroom. And if you do drain cleaning regularly and in a proper way then removing clogs and drain is not that difficult of a thing. Well, it is at least better than the mess that a blocked drain will eventually cause.  

But if you are facing slab leak or any other kind of leakage in your bathrooms then we would recommend contacting Mission Viejo Plumber to get your pipes repair. However, if you are struggling with clogging issued then take a look at these pro tips for removing clogs and drain cleaning. 

Wire Hanger or plunger

There are considered the most common tools that are being used by almost everyone for drainage cleaning purposes. The plunger is the first thing that is used for cleaning the drainage pipes. Although it’s always recommended to have a different plunger for your sinks and your toilets, due to hygiene purposes. As a matter of fact, the toilets and the sinks plunger are a lot different than each other. Sinks plunger is designed in order to move easily between tight spaces and its also handy in terms of storage as it small enough to be stored easily under the sink. So that you can easily reach it whenever you need it. 

Now the question remains, how to use a plunger? 

Well its a bit common and everyone knows how to use a plunger, but if you have no idea of how to use one then we would recommend either read the Manual or the given points carefully. 

First thing first make sure that it seals the opening completely. 

Never, go super fast as it broke the plunger, instead of making the process faster. 

The vacuum can sometimes move a clog, and blowback of chemicals may arise. So be a little careful. 

Next, remove as much water as you can from the drain. This is necessary to avoid creating a huge mess of your work. 

Now move your plunger slowly this will move the clog, at that instant make sure to pull the plunger quickly. And finally, your drain will be up and flowing. 

Now if these things do not work out for you. Then you could try using a straightened wire to remove the clog from the drain. Using a hanger wire is a lot easier than using the plunger. With hanger wire all you need to do it push the forcefully through the drain. After some time this will break the clog. However, using a wire is a little more dangerous than using a plunger. 

If none of the above works, then make try using a snake if you have one. 

Dish Soap With Hot Water

This is not a technological revolution of some kind it is just a natural way to unclog your drain. Well, this will not work if your drain is completely blocked. If you are facing a slow drain issue then using this might be of great help. Soap with hot water works as a great lubricant and can be used to smoothen the surface of a drain due to which the clog is not formed or is just removed by merely the force of water flow. Also if the reason for the clog is grease, this method will work like a charm, as soaps were meant to work better on grease and oil dirt. 

So, all you need to do is use a good amount of soap with a measured amount of hot water, create a mixture. After this use a good amount of hot water with the solvent to flow forcefully through the drain. This will make sure that all the clog in the drain is removed. This process needs to be repeated at a regular interval to prevent clogging in the drain. 

Baking Soda

Baking soda can be used as a great cleaner when used with appropriate solvents that is vinegar. They both, when combined together, have an amazing forming and cleaning effect. This solution can be used to clean your drains. If explained scientifically when you add a base that is baking soda and vinegar that is acid together a neutralization reaction is caused which could eat away clogs easily.

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