Things Have To Do On Trip to Leh Ladakh

Leh Ladakh Trip

Leh and Ladakh are very cold places and the temperature can go down to minus 70 degrees. These places are well known for performing adventurous activities. There are some beautiful religious spots also so but you need to plan a trip to Leh Ladakh with a reliable tour package only with the people who are young or who have a strong immune system so that they can stay healthy at the low temperature. There are so many things that you can do in Leh and Ladakh. Have a look at some of them.

Tour to Zanskar valley

Visiting the zanskar valley is highly in chanting. These mountain ranges are very large. You will feel greatly adventurous. The parents are very steep and are fully covered with snow. It seems that the sky touches them. You will also be lucky enough to find reverse flowing through the mountains.You will be able to find the combination of dominance by the mountains and mildness by the water. You will find many Eco points where you can shout and enjoy it. If you take your mobiles, you can enjoy beautiful selfies. It is advisable to take cameras at least.

Rejuvenation in Tso Moriri Lake

You must try to visit this Lake because it is extremely stunning and you will be able to rejuvenate yourself. You only need to go over there and sit. Spend some time in the beauty of nature. The mountains seen from here are blue-green. The tops of the mountains are covered with snow and therefore they look completely white. This combination of Blue, Green and white color is going to give an awesome look. In addition to it, the skies are blue covering everyone and everything.If you are on the adventurous leh ladakh tour packages from delhi by air, this time is going to be you are my time. Here you can get some peace of mind and remove all the tiresomeness from your body and mind and get ready for continuing your adventurous trip further.

Thrill on Chadar trek

This is a very famous trek. The element of a thrill is also associated with that because it is considered a very dangerous one and therefore full of adventures. You can also find a frozen river while you are on the trip. The best time to go for it in November of the Year. If the river is frozen, you can very well understand the internal strength of your body required for surviving here. You must be comfortable with alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian dishes so that you can survive better or at least consume more of vegetarian dishes or non-alcoholic beverages like tea and coffee.

Challenging Magnetic Hill

It is very challenging to have an experience of magnetic Hill. You may not believe your eyes, but in case you leave your vehicle without keeping the brakes locked, you will find it moving uphill at a slow speed as a result of the magnetic effect on the hill. It is believed to be magical or supernatural and believes it or not, the scientific reason behind this is still not yet known. Even if you are on delhi sightseeing tour packages, you must try to visit here if possible with your tour planner.

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