Things to Know About the Comparium Quality Assurance

Comparium Quality Assurance

Any product needs a last minute checking before its final launch in the market. If you are a developer you are obviously quite well versed with this process. Developing a website needs this quality check too; it is vital to the development process.

To do that, you need a reliable platform that provides you proper and detailed result. Comparium provides the best platform to do the Quality assurance easily and quickly.

About Quality Assurance

Whatever app or website you’re developing, it needs to be thoroughly tested before it’s released for use. That’s where QA or quality Assurance comes in. This term refers to a process of testing the app/website whether it meets all the requirements that were assigned at design stage. Things like what kind of functions it should serve or which platforms it will be compatible with, its load resistance – all of it comes under the purview of QA.

The quality assurance tests involve checking software requirements, assessing risks, improving product quality by assigning different tasks, testing the functionality of the app, and analyzing the test results, reports and other documents.

What is Comparium Quality Assurance?

Quality assurance can be done through 3 major types – functional testing, manual testing and automated testing.

Comparium is a web application that lets you do the automated quality assurance quickly and efficiently. Websites sometimes malfunction on some browsers while they load just fine in some other browsers. This is actually not a fault of the website but rather it is the website that lacks the supporting features to load the URL.

During the quality assurance, you need to check the compatibility of your URL/app on every OS and every browser. Comparium lets you do that in a way so that you don’t have to test it manually on every website, thus saving your time and resources.

How Comparium does QA?

Coparium provides an easy platform to test your app on the browsers and operating systems. First of all, Comparium provides support for almost all the browsers out there and all the available versions in the market. Browsers like Mozilla Firefox 68.0, 67.0, Google Chrome 75.0, 73.0, 74.0, Safari 11.0 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0, 8.0 are all there for testing on Comparium.

Your customers not only use various different browsers but they also have different operating systems on their device which needs to be compatible to your website so you get the maximum number of users. Comparium lets you do QA testing on Windows 10, 7, high Sierra, Mac OS X Mojave, Linux and all the other major OS.

The best aspect about Comparium QA is that it is swift, efficient and convenient. All you need is your URL and email ID and the app will do the testing and send the results to your email along with screenshot.

The Verdict Comparium does the QA test quickly and efficiently. It is also very easy to use, which makes it an ideal Quality assurance testing tool.

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