Youtube Description Template Examples for Real Estate

Youtube Description Template

As a real estate agent, you know how important being found online is. About 44% of home buyers start the process online. They’ll start to search for homes in a certain area, which can present a huge opportunity for you as an agent.

You can capture these searches and potential clients through SEO. You can compete to get found on Google or you can take another path that will get you ahead of the competition. That would be through videos on YouTube.

A YouTube description template will be essential in getting your videos found in search. Do you want to find out how you can use the power of video to get more clients?

Read on to find out how to write a YouTube description and create a template that you can use over and over again for results.

1. Knowing Your Video Keywords

YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google. People use YouTube in the same way they use Google. They have a question or a problem to solve, and they’ll look it up on YouTube.

The best part is that if you have a successful video on YouTube, it will appear high in Google’s search results. You’re getting the most bang for your buck in real estate SEO because you can rank highly in the top-two search engines.

You want to start off by knowing how your prospective clients search for real estate information online. You’ll need to find a keyword search tool that incorporates YouTube searches and Google searches. This will allow you to match your offerings with your prospective clients’ needs.

You should have one main keyword that is consistent through your account. It could be real estate (your geographic area), or you could address your niche. Real estate agents that specialize in first-time homebuyers or condo sales can add those keywords to their videos as well.

2. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

When you publish videos on YouTube, you do so through your channel. It’s like having a business profile that gives you access to analytics and information to discover what’s working on your channel and what’s not.

A large percentage of people who come across your videos in the search will visit your channel to find out more about you. You want to make sure that your channel is optimized to be found in search results, too.

When you set up your YouTube channel, complete the description of your channel which tells visitors who you are, who you serve, where, and a call to action.

You can optimize your account by adding links to your other social media accounts and your website.

3. Creating Your YouTube Description Template

You just filled out a description in your profile, why do you need to create a template? Each video that you create and post will have a description. This is what needs to be optimized to get found in YouTube’s search.

Each video has to have a carefully crafted description, but you’re a real estate agent. You don’t have time to spend to carefully consider each word in your description. That’s why you need to create a template.

The Headline

Start with the headline. The headline is what people will look at first, and it will influence someone to watch. It needs to be interesting, contains your keyword, and promises the viewer what they’ll get by watching the video.

Let’s say that you target first-time homebuyers in Philadelphia. Your video headline can be 11 Tips for First-Time Homebuyers in Philadelphia.

The Description

Your description will then follow the headline. The first two sentences of the description will get shown to viewers, and that needs to be compelling, too.

Ask a question that addresses the problem that speaks to the viewer. Something like, “Are you a first-time homebuyer tying to figure out how to buy a home in Philadelphia?” That speaks directly to the viewer and is something that will get them to say, “Yes, that’s me,” and click on your video to watch.

The next part of your description goes into depth about what the video is about. You want to make sure that you include all of your relevant keywords and use them naturally in the text.

You can fill out the description by adding any resources you mentioned in your video. For example, if you mentioned contractors or lenders, add a link in your description that allows viewers to easily get in touch with them.

Finally, close out the video description by adding calls to action. This can be listing your website again along with your links to social media channels.

YouTube Description Template Examples

Would you like to see examples of good YouTube video description templates in action? Here are a few video descriptions across several different industries that show you how it’s done.

We’ll start out in the world of photography. Joe Edelman has a thriving YouTube channel that shows viewers how to become better photographers. In this video, he explains how to use lighting for portrait photography.

His description is complete and you can tell that he has a template for his videos. He has a great headline and a very detailed description. He also has a list of resources and other ways to get in touch with him.

Check out one that is in the real estate industry. Jason Walter is a real estate agent in Sacramento with over 5,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. In this video, his keywords are housing market 2020, which he has in his description.

His template has a list of other relevant videos to watch and information that viewers can find useful. Here is one tool called Youtubetomp3 the best YouTube to MP4 Converters that can convert youtube to mp4.

The Best YouTube Description for Real Estate

You have to have your real estate business visible in search engines to grow your business. One of the best ways to do so is through YouTube search since it’s one of the top search engines.

You have to treat it like a search engine, which is why a YouTube description template is so important. You have to make sure that your description includes the right keywords, and has a call to action at the end.

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