The Most Innovative Things Happening With a Wireless Car Charger

Wireless Car Charger

People are beginning to adopt a wireless car charger in their cars. And the truth about it is that it has brought more convenience to avid drivers and travelers. You don’t have to struggle anymore with annoying cables tangling all over the dashboard. This translates to lesser distractions and safer driving.

In this piece, we’ll show you how a wireless car charger improves efficiency and has tons of innovative properties. When wireless charging was first brought to the limelight, there was a lot of skepticism marred by fears and myths. But now, people are beginning to see the full benefits it brings. Here are some of the innovative things that you can expect from a wireless car charger currently being released:

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Dash Cam on a Wireless Car Charger

If you’ve ever been in an accident, and forbid you to get into one, you know the importance of having concrete evidence. A typical road accident often involves two or more parties. And everyone has a story to tell. When dealing with insurance companies and even the police, they work with factual evidence. A mere word of mouth isn’t substantial and may not help you much.

But did you know that technology can be your witness? And yes, it holds water even in a court of law. A dash camera is a tiny gadget that sits on your dashboard, which can be a situation saver for you.

This tiny gadget records everything that happens before and after the road accident. It carries everything leading to the accident and can determine whose fault it was. It’s priceless when you’re dealing with law enforcement officers or an insurance company.

If you’ve never dealt with an insurance company, then you should try and consult them to find out how annoying they can get. They can refuse to pay the damages, especially if they’re made to believe the fault was yours. After all, without a dashcam, it’s your word against theirs. And we can tell you confidently that most of the time their word wins. Well, not all of them are bad, but why take chances?

Any modern wireless car charger has a dashcam on it. We would advise you to check for this feature before buying. Its advantage cannot be overstated when you’re a person on the road frequently.

A Magnetic Mounted on a Wireless Car Charger

Now, this is another great tool you’ll find on a wireless car charger these days. Modern ones have a magnetic mounting system, as opposed to the conventional claw system. In the initial stages, the mounts only had manual claws that you had to pull and fit in your phone. Then came the automatic claws that open and close on their own.

Today, we now have a magnetic wireless car charger that simply works on the premise of magnetism. You attach a metallic chip at the back of your phone, and then it attaches to the wireless car charger. And voila! Your phone is now ready to charge without shaking. And these magnetic mounts are said to be even more stable than the conventional holding mechanisms. They wobble a little when you’re going through bumpy rides and rough terrain.

Lesser Cords

It’s called a wireless car charger for this reason. You no longer have to operate the dash with so many wires. And these tangling wires not only cause clutter inside the car but also lead to distractions when driving. Imagine a case where you want to plug in your phone to charge, and are using a wired charger. You’re most likely going to coil the wires onto the stick shift or somewhere on the dash. This distraction, however slight, can have a huge impact.

A wireless car charger helps to cut down on these wires. The only wire that will be on your dash is the one leading from the cigarette lighter or USB port that powers the wireless car charger. After that, everything is completely wireless. I am no longer struggling when driving and want to pick up that urgent call.

Less Overheating

Conventional chargers used to cause a lot of unnecessary overheating. This is no longer the case when using a wireless car charger. Once your phone or device is completely charged, the wireless car charger will go off on its own. How much more convenient are you searching for?

If you can control when the charger goes off, then you’re almost sure to control the heating. When there’s lesser overheating on your device, it translates to less energy, no overheated battery, and enhanced safety. In case you don’t know, overheating can easily damage or reduce the lifespan of a lithium-ion battery. And these are the batteries present on our phones nowadays.

Final Thoughts

As you’ve seen, these are just but some of the innovative things happening with a wireless car charger. Of course, thanks to the wizardry of technology, there’s more to come in the future. We can expect more innovative technologies, such as charging from a distance.

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