The Best Platforms for Mobile Ads Today

Mobile Ads

With the expanding era in technology, people mostly spend their time facing their gadgets for work, communication, and entertainment; through their phones and laptops, they can order their favorite foods, shop, see their friends, and work with the important transaction. Consequently, this practice has opened new opportunities for companies and institutions to market their products and brand. 

Through mobile ad platforms, advertisers and publishers can purchase spots for ads which will then be delivered on various mobile apps and websites. These platforms allow individuals to sell their ads while earning advertising revenues and to serve these entities to any potential customers. 

In particular, below are some of the most popular ad platforms best for mobile advertisements. 

The Facebook and Instagram Ads

Facebook and Instagram are two of the most populated social media sites today. Over a hundred million active users sign in to these apps every day. As such, Facebook and Instagram are good options for sharing any companies’ brands and advertising various products; with millions of audiences, any businesses will surely prosper. 

And due to this booming industry, the apps have upgraded their features allowing advertisers to choose their ad type – this includes rewarded video ads, in-stream video ads, banner ads, interstitial ads, and native ads. However, as good as it could be, the competition is undoubtedly extreme. And to cope with these demands, some people rely on adwords agency in Australia; these sites help companies keep up with the trend and save their advertising slots. 

The Google Ads

Google can be accessed on both mobile and desktop devices; this is also one of the reasons why Google is a good platform for advertising. On this, people can publish their ads within any apps, Google search results, and browsers. 

In particular, individuals can freely create image and text ads, video promotion ads, and true view ads – promotion campaigns for apps. Through a key differentiator – a system that accesses the most popular topic in the search engine – the companies can put their advertisements in the center of the millions of people on the planet. 

The Bing Ads

Although Bing is no bigger than Google, this app or site has a more affordable budget allowance. To be specific, people who wish to create and put up their advertisements can pay 70% less than on Google ads. For a search engine that records more than 5 billion searches every month, this value is already a great deal. 

Besides, the app’s ad platform gives more control to the advertisers over the scheduling campaign, location, and language of the ads. They can also use social extensions app to help build audiences into their accounts on social media. Throughout the years, Bing was able to develop valuable partnerships and investors. As an example, the site has a default search engine for the devices of Kindle Fire to allow the companies to target the Kindle users; in other words, the advertisements can be directly posted on the company’s desired audiences. For further ideas regarding these transactions, potential advertisers can visit adwords agency in Australia.

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