5 career options for advertising degree holders

advertising degree holders

When you surf the internet, watch television or flip through magazine pages, you are bound to encounter the influence of the advertising and marketing sector. If you aspire to be part of this amazing industry, then check out the following list of career options that you must acquire in your lifetime.

Film and Video Editor

As a film or video editor, you will be accountable for assembling recorded raw material, transforming it into a finished product that is appropriate for broadcasting. Such materials may include camera footage, dialogue, graphics,sound recordings and special effects. This is an essential role in the post-production process and your abilities can determine the quality and state of delivery of the final product.

You will be usually required to work closely with the director in charge to achieve the desired end output. Professionals working in this field are typically employed on a freelance basis, focused on short-term contracts for post-production studios, television channels and corporate employers.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers plan, analyse and develop visual solutions to communications problems. This may include messages differing in the type of print and electronic media by using colour, illustration, animation, photography and various print or layout techniques. These professionals are responsible for developing the overall layout and publishingthe design of various platforms such as magazines, newspapers, corporate reports, journals and other publications, with work within advertising in different ways.

Some of the daily tasks of graphic designers in advertising include the production of promotional displays, packaging and marketing brochures related to products and services. You may also engage in designing logos for brands, and developing patterns and signage systems for private business and the government.

Market Research Analyst

Market research analysts learn about market conditions to analyse potential sales of a product or service. They help businesses understand particular products that customer’s want, who will buy them and the priceat which they will be sold. Market research analysts execute research and gather data on consumer demographics, needs, preferences and buying habits to help businesses market their products or services.

Media Writer

Multimedia writers contribute to content used or seen daily by millions of people. This can range from video games and educational programmes to smartphone apps. Their tasks can range from writing content for an Internet marketing campaign to framing the storylines for computer games.Multimedia writers combine their creativity with technology. Besides writing online and engage in other interactive content, they may deal with computer-aided design (CAD) software.

Promotions Manager

Promotion managers are responsible for framing and managing campaigns to promote their brand’s products and services. Promotions can help enhance short-term sales and improve the results sourced from other marketing programmes. They expected to have good creative and project management, as well as interpersonal skills, besides substantial experience in marketing or sales promotion.

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