7 surprising small business ideas

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We all need money. You may not be happy about it, but it’s a fact that can’t be disputed. You not only have to pay the bills and buy food but even most hobbies and leisure activities will require a certain amount of financing. If you’re not really a fan of 9 to 5 office jobs, you can find other ways of making a living. By starting your own business, you get a chance of becoming your own boss. Plus, with a good idea, you can actually create a job for yourself that you’ll really enjoy. Let’s explore a few small business ideas that will either allow you to have more flexible working hours or combine work with your hobby.

Start an online shop

Ecommerce is changing the way we shop. If you think about it, probably at least a few of the items you’ve bought lately, were purchased online. This is a trend that is not going to go away anytime soon. It’s difficult to even imagine anything else than online shops becoming bigger and more popular in the future. There is a huge variety of products which you may decide to sell. But whatever you choose, there’s one thing you’ll need to do and it’s creating a great marketing strategy. If you don’t have experience in this field, you can look for professional help. Remember that borders don’t matter much in the digital world, so you can look for a digital marketing agency in Belgium, as well as in the UK. The most important thing is to make sure they understand what your business needs.

Cater to specific needs

If you look at the offer of many online shops, you can find the same products. If you want to be different and gain an advantage over your competitors, you have to offer your clients rare or unusual things. Setting up a gadget shop may be an idea worth considering. You could combine gift ideas and joke items with more practical ones like f.e., a sneaker cleaning kit or kitchen gadgets. By giving people a chance to buy surprising and interesting things, you’ll build a solid base of regular customers. And don’t forget about seasonal promotions, as they are a very effective way of increasing your revenue.

Find your niche

People like to shop for things related to their hobby. Somehow spending money doesn’t seem so painful when you spend it on the things you will enjoy. Use this knowledge and set up a business catering to a particular group of people. Maybe you are already well-versed in a specific field. By offering interesting tidbits of information, you’ll look more credible to your clients. Find one thing that will be a focus of your whole business. Cars are a popular option, but you can also choose something else, like cooking or a sport-related field. Go for a specific sport that is either your favourite or a popular one in your area. For example, you can sell clothes for golfers, pants and jackets that will be comfortable to play in, along with clubs and other equipment.

Pass the knowledge

By becoming a private tutor, you can use your knowledge to earn a living, and you gain control over your schedule. You can arrange classes around your other commitments, so you’ll have more time for personal development and family. The range of topics people are keen on exploring is very wide, from school subjects through languages to playing musical instruments. If you feel confident in your abilities in any of such areas, it may be an interesting career path for you. The amount of money you can earn will depend on the topic you want to teach and the number of students you find.

Turn waste into money

You can earn money on the most surprising of things, even rubbish. This idea will stop sounding so surreal if you consider scrap metal prices in the UK. Metals are currently the most recycled materials in the world. Even more so than glass and plastic. Plus, they can be processed almost indefinitely without any loss in quality. This makes them very valuable. And collecting them can turn into a successful business. Before opening a scrap yard, research the local market. If there are many other similar companies in your area, it may not be the best idea to start another one.

Use your skills

People love spending afternoons with friends in restaurants and cafes. So if you are skilled in cooking or baking, opening one may be a perfect idea for you. Starting something of your own, even if it’s just a small cafe, and sharing your food with others will be a very satisfying career choice. But even the most delicious food won’t be enough to attract new clients. The most popular places are the ones with a unique atmosphere. So don’t forget to look for interesting design ideas. Choose comfortable chairs, which will make your customers want to stay longer. It’s also a good idea to give people a chance to enjoy a hot cup of coffee outside, just remember to get umbrellas or commercial awnings, to stop the excessive sunlight.

Earn money by sharing your hobby

If you like learning about your local history or enjoy exploring interesting sites in the area, you may want to consider a career as a tour guide. This way, you can spend your days on sharing your passion with other people and make a living out of it. But it’s not the only way of turning your hobby into a job. Maybe you love organising fun events for your family and friends, and everyone around keeps on praising you on your great ideas. Why not use such skills to help other people plan their parties and special occasions? When you try to decide on what type of business you want to start, you need to consider your personal goals and possibilities. Don’t rush and get everything ready before you quit your current job and set off on your new journey. And most importantly, don’t invest your money before making a solid business plan and researching the market.

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