Strengths of a MEAN Stack App Development Company

MEAN Stack App Development

The insatiable needs for digital transformation and demand for enhanced business processes have raised the bar for the most advanced standards in web and mobile app development. MEAN Stack is amongst one of those technologies that helps provide full-stack JavaScript solution that helps you come up with robust, fast and maintainable production values and the combined ensemble of MongoDB, Express JS, Angular JS and Node.JS helps you achieve the best and any top mobile app development company would like to host them in their development task force.

Introduction To Mean Stack:

Following the success of LAMP, MEAN has come up with a more modern solution of stack challenging solutions. It is entirely compiled using JavaScript and helps save a bulk of time and effort when looking to implement volumetric projects. Thanks to the advantage of JavaScript, development companies find it easy to have efficient coders in their base and this is one attribute of MEAN stacks popularity. It comprises of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular JS, Node.JS. This combined helps provide lot of features for building single and multi-page applications.

Let us take a quick glance at few of the advantages Mean Stack has to offer:

Isomorphic Coding

With the help of isomorphic coding you can run a code written in one framework on other frameworks as well without altering much of the original code. Moving code from one framework to another framework is a requirement that comes up many times within the process and MEAN Stack helps achieve this to the best possible. With the advantage of JavaScript and same coding styles between client side and development side, MEAN Stack helps transferring the code within the frameworks in the smoothest possible manner. This is where code in MEAN Stack helps you stay ahead from the rest of the development pack.

Extensive Use of JSON

JSON (JavaScript object notation) is extensively used in AngularJS and Node.JS frameworks. MEAN Stack uses JSON as the format to change data-interchange on all layers within the code. This eliminates the use of libraries for converting data during client and data side interaction. Here at BrainMobi we constantly render our MEAN Stack development services across web and app development projects.

Cloud Compatibility and Open Source Features

All constituents of the MEAN stack bundle are open source and available free of cost. It helps reduce development cost and contributes to the development procedures by making use of useful libraries and public repositories available free on the web. Our dedicated workforce our repositories and libraries constantly develop and maintain themselves to the correct orient.
Talking of cloud compatibility, MongoDB stands as great option that was built specifically to make it easy to host the web applications on the cloud. It also adds ease of testing and maintenance.

Cost Effective

MEAN Stack is compatible in terms of language and the presence of JavaScript helps eliminate the need for any organization to hire specialist coders in any particular department. Similar to the case of LAMP which required experts in MySQL, JavaScript and PHP.

Faster Speed and Usability

The MEAN Stack bundle owes a great deal of its popularity to the speed and usability. Node.js is quick and lets you ascend because of its non-blocking architecture. Angular.js in this regard also stands as on open source JavaScript framework that provides maintenance, testability and reusability.

Easy Switch For Client and Server

The isomorphic attribute of MEAN Stack helps any coder switch easily between client and the server base. The most obvious benefit is derived from the fact that it is all based in JavaScript and helps save time for developers who are looking to master the framework from scratch.


Our enhanced knowledge and development strategies arise as a result of of our successful endeavours arising from various diverse projects. Our team of MEAN stack developers can help you fetch out the best routines in development and aligning it with your business growth strategies. If you are looking for the assistance of the best Mean Stack app development company, then feel free to write to us at .

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  1. Mean stack is an Open Source. All technologies that make use of MEAN are open-source and freely available for use.
    Thanks for sharing this post. I found it useful and very informative. keep posting stuff like this.

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