Skincare Serums: Do’s and Don’ts You Need to Know

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Serums are among the most highly recommended inclusions in every man or woman’s skincare ritual. Most serums are lightweight and fast-absorbing, making them an easy fit for several different skin types and concerns.

Most of today’s skincare lines, such as boost lab serums, offer products for every skin problem, such as the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, darkening complexion, eye bags, acne, and oil control.

Face serums are quite a wonderful addition to enhancing your skin’s quality and texture, but are you using this secret weapon of beauty appropriately?

Check out the list below to understand the dos and don’ts of using serums:

X Bulk-Buying

Do not buy several bottles of serum all at once. Serums are highly concentrated, so a few drops of it on your skin are potent enough to moisturize, brighten, or tighten your pores. When used religiously, it effectively helps you achieve your desired results. A small bottle of serum is enough to last for months.

Research the Contents

Do check the ingredients before mixing and matching them with other products. For instance, retinol should not be mixed with vitamin C or acids in AHA and BHA. The reason is that the combination can dry out your skin since AHA and BHA acids and retinol both exfoliate dead skin cells. The repairing effects of retinol should not be combined with vitamin C’s protective skin barrier to maximize each component’s effects.

X Look for a One-Serum-Fits-All

Don’t assume that all serums are universal for every skin problem you have. As mentioned earlier in this blog, a specific serum is likely designed for your specific skin concerns. If you want to get rid of your blemishes, you must look for serums packed with acne-causing germs. The same idea applies if you want to achieve brighter and younger-looking skin or if you want to lighten the dark bags under your eyes.

Seek Professional Advice

Do consult your dermatologist before purchasing a face serum (or any skincare product, for that matter). Although most skincare products made available over the counter have undergone rigorous testing and examination before it is approved for use by the customers, there is no harm in checking whether you might have allergic reactions to some of the most common ingredients found in beauty products. Not only will consulting your derma save your life, but it will also save you more money by preventing you from buying the wrong type of serum.

X Disregard SPF and Moisturizing Effects

Don’t skimp on SPF and moisturizing effects. Say you want to clear the blemishes on your skin. It is not advisable to focus on getting rid of your pimples and blackheads only. You must also make sure that you keep your skin moisturized or hydrated while cleaning your skin from deep within. The skin-clearing agents found on facial wash products exfoliate dead skin cells and therefore tend to dry your skin out. Balance the cleaning process out with facial serums that increase the hydration levels on your face.

Stick with Verified & Credible Skincare Brands

Do buy from trusted brands only. Avoid purchasing skincare products or serums with suspiciously cheap prices. Often, these products are as ineffective as their low-cost price. Worse, they could be imitations and contain highly toxic chemicals. Some of the best ways to determine whether a skincare line is trustworthy or not include checking reviews about the brand and the products, visiting the brand’s website, and comparing its prices and photos. Boost lab serums offer customers sufficient images and details of each product to ensure customers and potential new clients instantly gain knowledge about what they can gain by choosing their line. 

Use this simple list to find the perfect serum to pamper your skin!

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