Should You Use Chat GPT or Assignment Writing Services for Academic Help?


Being a student is non-stop fun, only in movies. In reality, you have to deal with an avalanche of assignments, along with attending classes and prepping for tests and exams. Add holding onto a job into the mix – and you may barely have time for friends, family, or yourself!

If you cannot meet all deadlines without heavy sacrifices, you may be looking for a way to make your life easier. This is where an assignment writing service like domyessay reviews would usually come in handy.

But there’s a new alternative to such platforms: GPT Chat. And students took notice: according to a survey, 89% of students have already used it for assignment help.

While free, is ChatGPT a better academic helper than a human expert? Let’s investigate.

GPT Chat: Benefits & Downsides

First things first: what is Chat GPT? Developed and maintained by OpenAI, this handy tool debuted in November 2022. In essence, it’s an AI-powered chatbot that was trained on gigabytes of text to generate content from any prompt.

But is it really better than an assignment writing service? Let’s see that by breaking down the benefits and downsides of its use for assignment help.


  • You can use it for free.
  • It’s easy to get started as the interface is intuitive.
  • GPT Chat can generate content based on any prompt within seconds.


  • You may get a text ridden with accidental plagiarism as ChatGPT can only paraphrase content included in the training set.
  • AI-generated content can easily be detected with tools like ZeroGPT. So, you’ll either have to spend time tweaking the text to bypass it – or risk academic penalties.
  • You sacrifice quality in exchange for lightning-fast text generation speed. AI-generated content is usually stale, lifeless, and monotonous and lacks specifics.
  • You’ll need to beware of ‘hallucination’ – it’s when ChatGPT makes up nonsense facts, names, dates, places, etc. Since it has no single source of truth, you’ll have to fact-check the content yourself.
  • ChatGPT struggles with complex assignments. Since it’s not connected to the Internet and its training datasets included texts published until 2021, ChatGPT can’t refer to any fresh publications. So, it can’t handle research-intensive tasks well.
  • ChatGPT servers often get overloaded, and free users don’t have priority access to the tool. Certain prompts make the tool crash.

Assignment Writing Services: Benefits & Downsides

Dedicated platforms have been the go-to source of assignment writing help for students worldwide ever since the Internet became a thing. They can give you access to its pool of talented experts ready and available to help you with an assignment.

Here are the benefits and downsides of hiring an assignment writing service that you should consider.


  • The sky is the limit: you can make any request, and your expert will follow through on it. So, you can ask for any citation style, structure, etc.
  • You get a free plagiarism report that proves your order is fully original. So you can have peace of mind when submitting your work.
  • You remain fully anonymous as reliable platforms usually ask you only to provide requirements and enter a valid email address.
  • You can get help with any type of assignment, from presentations and multiple-choice tasks to article reviews and case studies.
  • Platforms verify the experts’ skills and experience before letting them join, so your order will be safe.
  • Those experts have completed hundreds of similar orders, so they know how to ace your assignment – and you can learn from them to do the same.


  • Help from a human expert won’t ever be as prompt as ChatGPT text generation; quality takes time. Even urgent orders require at least three to six hours to be completed.
  • Sometimes, orders must be revised to meet customer expectations. But luckily, reliable platforms offer unlimited revisions for free.
  • You have to compensate your expert for their services. But they’re not prohibitively expensive: most platforms strike a fine balance between price and quality.

So, How Do They Compare?

Let’s see how the two approaches to assignment help stack up:

  • Reliable assignment help services have made a name for themselves as trustworthy platforms over the years. OpenAI, in turn, hasn’t had as much time to refine ChatGPT – it still can’t rival the expert help.
  • A human expert can carry out any request, from research and specific source use to formatting and word count. ChatGPT, in turn, can’t generate texts longer than 4,096 characters.
  • An expert will craft your order from scratch, properly cite every source, and ensure it’s plagiarism-free by running a check. ChatGPT-generated content can contain accidental plagiarism. Plus, its use goes against some universities’ and colleges’ rules, making grounds for penalties and even expulsions.

All things considered, expert platforms emerge as a clear victor in the standoff with ChatGPT. The AI tool is simply not worth your time and effort when a human expert can do the job ten times better without a hitch.


Bottom Line:

If you need help with a particularly challenging task, relying on AI writing tools like ChatGPT can lead to regrets. You may lose tons of time trying to get anything decent out of it, only to realize that you need a professional’s help too close to the deadline.

That said, not every assignment writing service deserves your trust, either. There are way too many bad actors that don’t properly screen experts or have scam-like policies.

Looking for a reliable assignment help platform? DoMyEssay is a good place to start. 1.5 million students trust it. Plus, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on its services: you can save a buck with a domyessay, and its rates are overall pocket-friendly.

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