Should You Be a Freelancer if You Want to Make Money?


Freelancing is a smart way to earn some good money. It opens new doors for you both financially and personally. There are many companies on the market today that consider hiring remote workers. Thus, it doesn’t really matter if you live overseas – if you’re good enough, they’ll hire you. Freelancing takes time and commitment, but in the end, it is totally worth it? If you are good enough in your field and rise quickly, you’ll thrive in the long-run.
Here are some tips on how to get started as a freelancer. What are the basics of freelancing? How should you choose your field? What are the best ways to get started?

1. Pick a Niche

First and foremost, you’ll need to choose a niche. Before doing so, grab your laptop, and type in the following questions. Think about the answers thoroughly. Don’t amke decisions on the spot. Take time to think about the advantages/disadvantages of a niche.
· What are my main business ideas? What do I want to create?
· What am I good at? What’s my field of expertise?
· What are my biggest passions, and how could I quantify them?
Research the market, analyze keywords, see where you stand. Hire a SEO analyst to help you with your search. Pay attention to the small details – they truly matter.

2. Target Your Audience

If you want to make money, you need to know whom you’re selling to. You won’t be considered a good and strategic freelancer if you are constantly targeting the wrong audience. Thus, follow these tips:
· Design polls on social media platforms – ask people what they think about your products or services
· Build online surveys and send e-mails to your closest contacts – ask for feedback constantly
· Analyze your competition and see where they stand – would your products/services be innovative? Are you selling something original? Are you meeting any needs? Do you have the right means to promote your products?

3. What Services Do You Offer?

It’s important to think what you are going to offer, and present it under the most attractive way possible. If, for instance, you’ve decided to sell bow ties, you’ll need to promote it accordingly and plan it properly. Think in the terms of:
· Who is my targeted audience? In this example, usually males.
· What do I offer? Very good quality.
· How do I show that? By designing special offers and promotions, lowering my prices, and giving customers the chance to test my product before buying it.

4. Don’t Quit Your Job Quite Yet

Even if your freelancing business goes well and you are satisfied with your results, being overly confident is not smart. You should leave room for unexpected situations that you can’t control. Thus, keep your job at least one year after starting freelancing. It’s always good to have a back-up plan if the first one fails.

5. Develop Your Skills

Work on skills that are in high demands on the market. In order to get the necessary experience, apply for different jobs on Upwork or Fiverr. Those will help you expand your horizons and develop a skill set that will be of great benefit to you. Work for others until you find enough resources and time to work for yourself. Attracting customers is easier when you know the insights of working on the field, hands-on.

6. Build a Clientele

Networking is truly important for creating a solid clientele. In order to get enough customers and build up a long contact list, you will need to talk to start conversations and be curious about external opinions:
· Reach out to people who could be of great help
· Find a way to help your contacts, and then ask for favors in return
· Stimulate your competition by showing great potential
· Be truly curious to connect with someone – treat them as people, not “connections”
· Be generous and care about all of your contacts. Stay in touch by following up.

7. Work Constantly

Creating new content every day is crucial. It’s the only path to success on this freelancing road. Quality content will bring traffic to your website and boost your profits quickly. You’ll be able to invest that money into further content creation, and thus, bring even more people to your platform. Keep doing that, and soon, you’ll have a strong list of trustworthy clients who’ll buy from you constantly.

Wrapping Up

In order to make good money as a freelancer, pick a niche that fits you, target your audience, develop your skill sets, offer reliable services, build confidence in your business, and work constantly.

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