Why the Digital Marketing Course is Much Sought After?

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves the use of digital means, for example, mobile phones, the Internet, and other media to promote products or services. A digital marketing course will help students get proficient at the basics and tools of digital marketing.

One can become a pro in digital marketing by implementing its ideas in projects that crave for a good online presence. Once you jump on the digital marketing bandwagon, you will be able to attract your potential prospects as you will be communicating everything you offer in a short, clear, and attractive way.

Why it’s important to have digital marketing skills

If you really want to execute digital marketing campaigns, you need to recruit, hire and train digital marketers.

The world of marketing has become fully digitalized and entrepreneurs put in their digital efforts to run their campaigns and achieve an online presence. The advancement of digital marketing on a daily basis has upsurged the need for digital marketing professionals, highly qualified to help companies put their best put forward in the industry. More and more qualified applicants are coming from the Mini-MBA program and this really helps put their foot in the door.

An ideal digital marketing executive is the one who

  • Understands the search engine optimization.
  • Aware of Google’s algorithms.
  • Flexible to adapt to changes
  • Creative to showcase business
  • Understands analytics
  • Curious to attract more visitors

A digital marketer is a hybrid who is well aware of different aspects of digital marketing, for example, analytics, social media, content creation or demand generation, etc. A digital marketer is always an all-rounder and knows how to relate different areas to each other to make campaigns work.

Why Digital marketing is a good opportunity for MBA Graduates

Specializing your skills in marketing can avail you of potential opportunities that can kickstart your career. For example, MBA students can specialize their skills in digital marketing and grab the hottest jobs in marketing in 2018.

Compared to other jobs in different sectors, you can expect to get 13%-45% higher salary in the marketing field.  The more your skills will flourish in digital marketing, the higher you will be valued by companies while gaining an edge over fellow sales professionals.

The game is not that easy, however. Being a digital marketer, you are expected to know what differs inbound marketing from traditional marketing, and moreover, you should be aware of the latest tools used in digital marketing and how the combination of digital marketing with sales technologies can work wonders for companies to achieve goals strategically.

Having learnt the importance of digital marketing, a few MBA colleges have developed a module for digital marketing. Moreover, they have planned to hire digital marketing experts to train students about the technologies and tools of digital marketing.

Nowadays, companies look for marketing students who have skills that are relevant to their services so that they can develop their business, attain more leads along with better return on investment.

How digital marketing is future-proof.

An In-Demand Professional

If you are in the digital world, you must have heard of the digital skills gap. The estimated number of digital jobs is 150,000, by 2020. The demand is quite high as compared to supply; therefore, those who are studying digital marketing has a competitive advantage over others. Even if you are not experienced but you carry a degree or certification in digital marketing, a ton of companies out there will hire you and provide you with the tools and information required to move further.

Moreover, digital marketing jobs are future proof as they are least impacted by recessions. How easy it would become for you to step ahead in your career without worrying about any recession.

High salary

I have already discussed that the demand for digital marketing professionals is on the rise. We all know the value of the product increases along the price in traditional economics.

When supply is less compared to demand, you can consider yourself a commodity and negotiate your salary as per your skills and experience.

Here the Digital Marketing Certification will work like the icing on the cake.

The certification clearly defines your proficiency and commitment towards digital marketing.

According to a study by prosperity, digital marketing executives enjoy higher paychecks than their colleagues working in other fields for the past five years.

In 2018, the pace of growth in digital marketing has almost doubled.

Now, the average salary of a digital marketing manager is €68,00 in Dublin. Not only the positions of a managerial level have experienced a salary surge, but entry-level PPC positions have been up from €25,000 last year to €28,000 this year.

Should you take Digital Marketing Training or go for Free Online Digital Programs?

If something is free, does not mean it will be worthy, however. Free Digital Marketing courses may allure you in the beginning, but it can even ruin your time as you will not enough of digital marketing throughout a free course.

I recommend you to go for paid digital marketing training if you are really serious and seek a good future in it.


Check out the following reasons.

  • You have to stay self-motivated throughout the course as nobody will take pain whether you are learning or not. You will not be rewarded for your excellence if you opt for a free course.
  • Though free Digital Marketing course resources exist, they are not assembled in one place, compared to specialized certifications.
  • You will not enjoy the 24/7 facility to discuss your doubts with an expert. Free online free courses do not ensure the availability of trainer/speaker round the clock, unlike paid training programmes that offer round the clock services.

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