SEO & Covid-19: Follow the Strategy to Overcome Its Impact

SEO & Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic or the Coronavirus has obstructed almost everything you imagined for the year 2020. We are almost 6 months in this pandemic, and this situation demands some notable changes that everyone needs to adapt to.

Flexible changes in the corporate world

The new normal is not very profitable for businesses because of the recession that will hit the economy. Thus, it demands certain changes in the business patterns for the predictable future.  

The disruption is hitting every business differently, so having an SEO strategy planned for your business will be highly beneficial. It can bring vast changes to how you can run and adapt to the new situation while making money at the same time.

This article outlines all the strategies that you can use to overcome the impacts of this pandemic.

Short-term SEO Strategies:

1. Is your business Essential or Non-essential?

Almost every business other than essential goods and services is closed to avoid social gatherings and promote social distancing which will “flatten the curve”.

Businesses need to understand this and quickly update their sites and google business profiles by regulating the essential nature of their businesses. Using the right content to market your product is essential.

After understanding what your business has to offer, gain people’s trust by providing educational content which will make your consumers optimistic about your services. According to a study after reading the educational content from your brand, 48% of consumers are incline to buy from your brand.

2. Adapting to Instant & Remarkable Shifts in Search Behaviors.

After understanding the Essential and Non-essential guidelines, the consumers’ search behavior will change. It will be more focused on grocery stores and pharmacies. In such times, even if your business is non-essential, make sure you closely observe organic search sessions. A plan to have a different type of approach should be ready. 

You can start updating your website with the COVID-19 forecast and reports on various impacts of the virus. This will divert the crowd to your business. Make sure you use the relevant keywords and topics which suit the current situation.

3. Understanding SEO’s Role in Marketing during such speedy changes.

The economic behavior of your business needs to be observed. It will affect the overall output and budget of your brand for the foreseeable future. It is hard to predict how long this pandemic will last but making essential economic changes using SEO will have its paybacks. 

There are short terms as well as long term marketing strategies: the short term is temporary strategies which will react actively due to the impact of the virus. The long term SEO strategies will help to evaluate the business’s behavior in the next coming months.

Long term SEO Strategies

1. Start executing your Initiatives:

With no prediction of the nature of COVID-19 in the next several months, businesses need to make efforts and start futuristic initiatives. This will bring a positive outlook for the economy of their brand.

Consumer spending has marginally decreased in the past few months. Businesses can grasp the long-term type of SEO to make sure that brand optimization is finely done before the consumers spending capacity increases. For example: during holiday seasons.

Make use of SEO to ensure the high ranking of your website. It is possible with the high-competition keywords that are likely to be at the apex in the holiday season of 2020. Future planning for the upcoming initiatives will not go in vain. It will prove beneficial for the positioning of your business when the economy touches the peak.

2. Plan Large-Scale Digital Transformation to Future Proof Your Business.

Dynamic changes are happening every day in the world. Physical businesses are all closed to maintain social distancing. Businesses need to evaluate all the digital transformation they can bring to make the brand and services future proof.

Digital transformations are suggested because physical selling is not permitted which can eventually hinder the growth and profits of your company.

Brands can approach this pandemic situation positively. They can take it as an opportunity to build and explore the digital transformation which will give a healthy life to your business by setting-up an eCommerce platform. In which eCommerce SEO is the first and most reliable strategy.


With the situation that we are facing today, it is best advised to stay indoors and follow the guidelines provided by the government. Also, remember to not let this hinder your growth.

With the new SEO strategies, you can overcome the situation and protect yourself from the recession that is most likely to follow this pandemic. Use this time wisely to avoid your business to hit rock bottom.

Though it is a heart-wrenching situation, try to find the positives and work towards them.

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