8 Most Effective Gadgets and Apps to Help You Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking Apps

Many people claim that they can stop smoking whenever they like but when it comes to that they soon realize that it’s not that simple. Smoking is a harmful addiction that can’t be shaken off that easily.

Cigarette smoking causes many diseases and it can harm almost every organ in our bodies. In many countries, smoking is the leading cause of death and the saddest thing of all is that it can be prevented.

If you or someone you love is willing to quit smoking but you find it difficult, let us give you a hand with this list of most effective gadgets and apps that are specially designed to help you quit this harmful habit.


1. Nicotine inhaler and nasal spray

A nicotine inhaler is a gadget that can do wonders for you if you’re really willing to give up smoking. It’s a device that releases nicotine vapour which you then inhale through your mouth.

Similarly, a nasal spray can give you your dose of nicotine through your nose. All you have to do is give each nostril a spray of nicotine.

Both of these devices have their pros and cons. For example, the inhaler is great because it allows you to mimic the habit of smoking – placing something cigarette-like to your mouth.

And nasal spray while providing an effective dose of nicotine, it can also cause nose and throat irritation.

2. Nicotine patches

You may have heard of these as they have been quite popular. These nicotine patches are designed to release nicotine into your bloodstream through your skin. The good thing about them is that they can be worn for 24 hours straight and they can be nicely concealed by your clothes.

Another great thing about them is that they come in several different strengths so that you can start with different types depending on how heavy a smoker you are.

3. Inhaling can help you quit smoking

Switching to inhaling can help you quit smoking. Inhaling devices are designed to allow you to inhale nicotine in vapour instead of smoke. Hoopers Vapour offers a wide variety of fun flavours that can help you slowly quit smoking.

You’d be surprised how effective these inhaling devices can be. You won’t want to take another cigarette in your life after experiencing inhaling.

4. Nicotine microtabs and lozenges

Microtabs are small tablets that contain nicotine that when used they dissolve under your tongue. They are very discrete, however, their downside is the very small amount of nicotine which they contain.

Lozenges are also used orally and they dissolve inside your mouth. They are supposed to be used every time you feel a craving for a cigarette.


1. QuitNow!

One of the most popular apps which are meant to help you quit smoking is QuitNow!. This app is designed to track the time since you last used a cigarette, how much money you’ve saved, and all your health improvements.

It’s a great app to keep you motivated and to help you keep the focus on what matters – and that is quitting smoking. Both users of the iPhone and Android can use this app.

2. Cessation Nation

Another great app that is made to distract you once the craving strikes. Similarly to QuitNow!, Cessation Nation gives you information about how far you’ve come since your last cigarette, it also gives you an option to play a game in order to distract you from your cigarette cravings.

A lot of people have downloaded this app hoping that it will help them slowly quit smoking. Cessation Nation is available for Android users only.

3. Smoke Free

Smoke Free app offers 30+ techniques that can help you stop smoking. This app is designed to follow your smoking patterns, cravings, moods, and based on that give you tips on how to manage them.

It also monitors your progress and in that way motivates you to continue to move forward. This app is available both on Android and iPhone.

4. Quit It Lite

This health app will help you stay on track by reminding you how far you’ve come, motivating you, and encouraging you. It’s also very useful to ex-smokers because it can help them not to smoke ever again. This app is suitable only for iPhone users.

The good thing about the day and age we’re living in is that there are a lot more options that can help you quit smoking. From gadgets to phone apps, everything is created to aid you in this process.

However, the ultimate decision lies with you. Are you willing to quit this unhealthy habit? Make the first step and you’ll find the option that best suits you.

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