4 reasons why organic searches are getting reduced in 2019

organic searches

The success or failure of a website is decided on the basis of various key factors. One of them is the number of searches it is getting. Why is the number of searches such an important aspect? An online brand would only generate money through its website if people are paying visits and the conversion rate is rising. If this is not happening, it simply means that the website is failing to attain success. If this is happening, as a website owner, you need to work on your strategy.  This is because website ranks fall within no time so you need to be sure that things are falling in place. Once your organic searches start falling and you do not get a feel of the problem in due course of time, it would not take time for the situation to worsen on a serious scale.  Domain authority is an important factor that may reduce the overall organic searches during the year. So, now it’s your obligation to use Domain Authority Checker  on regular basis to certify the actual level of your site’s traffic.

Here are 4 strong reasons due to which the organic searches of a website may reduce in the year 2019.

1. Not having a responsive website reduces search rate

Trends for buying things and even browsing the internet have changed. If you look at internet searching practices years back, people just browsed the internet using desktop and laptop machines. The concept of smart phones was not there in the first place. However, this is not the case at the moment. Smartphones, tablets and other portable devices are ruling the world. Most people browse the internet when they are performing a lot of other tasks. For this purpose, a smartphone or tablet is a more recommended device.

  • Considering the trend of people that is changing rapidly in terms of browsing the internet, website owners need to change their trends as well. Before anything, you should be sure that your website is responsive and users can access it with adjustable view on any device. If you have a website that gets displayed properly on the desktop / laptop only, you would lose more than 70% of targeted customers. People do not prefer a website that requires hours of scrolling so this is one thing you should avoid. If your searches are decreasing, check whether your website is responsive or not.

2. Recently redeveloped web pages

A website cannot be viewed by users if it has not been indexed properly on Google. Here we have a proper process applied. When a website is designed, Google bots add all its pages to the Google repository. If any of the pages has not been indexed, it would not be viewed by the targeted customers. As a result, the count of organic searches would obviously go down. When a website is rebuilt and the pages are replaced, the indexing process has to be executed again.

  • If your website has been redeveloped in the past, you need to make sure that all the pages have been indexed again. Google only displays the pages which are indexed and added to the database. Usually one or two pages of the website get more traffic than the others. For instance, people are interested more in seeing the product line rather than viewing the contact details of the company. Hence, the “Products / Services” page would have more traffic than the “Contact Us” page. If the products page has been redeveloped and not indexed after that, the organic searches would go down by a big margin.

3. Page loading speed is not up to the mark

To start with, put yourself in place of the user. Consider that you click a link and it takes a very long time to load, what would be your first perception about the website. First of all, you would think that there are technical issues with the website due to which it is taking so much time to load. Along with that most illegitimate and scam websites also do not load quickly. Hence, this thought also strikes the mind of the user. It is very obvious that your website would not be the only option available to the user.

4. Grammatically incorrect content is poisonous

Most brand owners do not know that grammatically incorrect content can be a problem for website reputation. If the content has not been proofread properly, people visiting the website would construct an opinion it has not been written professionally. This would also create a question mark over the credibility of the brand as well. In a nutshell, it can be said that grammatically correct content is an absolute necessity.

  • At times, even when content is proofread, it is done in haste. Some content proof readers simply give an overview and publish the content. This is not wise thinking in any manner because you may be submitting content without proofreading. It would obviously be a problem for the reputation of the brand. Thus, the eventual goal is that you should get the content proofread properly before the audience reads it.

Summing It Up

Do you know that people give a lot of importance to the overall caliber of a website? If your website lacks in the content, user experience, color scheme or any other area, it would be hard for you to convince customers to develop trust. Thus, to get organic searches, you have to work very hard and make sure that your website fulfills user expectations in every manner.

A website should be up to the mark in the user experience area. People should not get confused or irritated when they visit your website. This does happen when websites do not have an up to the mark user experience. On the other hand, users prefer easy layouts and interfaces so you should try and keep your website simple.

Keeping things simple obviously does not mean that the content should lack quality. If a website has an amazing interface but does not offer a lot in terms of readability, it would be hard to gather customers and retain them as well. Thus, you can draw the conclusion that rate of organic searches depend on what a website offers to its customers.

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