Top 5 reasons why a DevOps certification will skyrocket your career to new heights

DevSecOps model

Over the previous years, the market of information technology has been seeing a rapid evolution in every state and form. This has consequently affected how various startups and enterprises work as well, leading to different structures and hierarchies coming into place. One of those changes has been the existence of multiple departments within a single company that work   towards developing a singular solution. Development is at the heart of any product or service, and the necessity of having a streamlined collaboration between the teams is quite crucial.

DevOps is a moniker that has emerged from two terms viz., Developer and Operations. It can be looked at as an amalgamation of both aspects, which focus on the development aspect of the product as well as preserve alignment with the operational aspect of the enterprise at large. Hiring a person with a DevOps Foundation certification helps an organization continue its work by adhering to the main motives of DevOps. DevOps involves maintaining a continuous flow of integrating the latest developments, ensuring timely deliveries at all stages, carrying out intensive tests at each stage and monitoring the functionalities for consistency and stability.

Here are the top 5 reasons why having a DevOps certification is beneficial for any enterprise

1. Boost up employee morale

Contrary to popular opinion, a lot of employees find satisfaction in their work when they are allowed and supported to deliver their best. Many traditional techniques of boosting employee morale still rely on gifts and perks, instead of focusing on how employees can be empowered to do their best and getting rid of any hurdles or problems that they might encounter.

DevOps training helps you develop a keen eye for such aspects in an enterprise. By observing how things have been done all this while, you can recognize patterns and loopholes to get rid of redundancies and introduce new practices that can benefit all employees at large. This helps employees envision a better working experience and consequently boosts productivity as well.

2. Improved satisfaction of the end customer

It is surprising to note that many companies fail to consider their customers as a part of their organization as well. They can be considered as the final QA team of sorts and, in that matter, end up being an integral part of your business. Such a simple shift in perspective as this makes delivering a buggy product to the end user feel just as disastrous as it is.

DevOps helps nip the problem in the bud by taking care of the root cause at the source. Once the development team and the operational principles are in alignment, you are looking at a product that has a better overall quality. Not only does it make it a usable product, but the value additions it brings can be instantly recognized by the customers as well.

3. Removal of bottlenecks

Any organization that adheres to a systematic process cannot escape from the inevitable presence of bottlenecks. With the current structures being more disparate than before, there’s a need to integrate them together and get rid of such hurdles that tend to exist in different forms altogether.

As a DevOps professional, you are responsible for understanding the strengths and the problem areas of each department. Armed with that information, you can put your knowledge into practice and work towards integrating them together, which takes care of any roadblocks that have existed before. Only a person with an objective perspective of the entire organization can make this happen.

4. Evolution of the product

The moment an enterprise is able to work without the traditional roadblocks and constant hurdles in place, the result is almost magical to see. Employees are able to perform at their peak capacities and various tools are being used to create the product in unseen ways, which opens multiple doors to its potential growth.

Since the entire development cycle becomes faster than before, the open communication channel helps consider feedback from any department and integrate it right away. Over a period of time, this results in a product that evolves naturally and is able to surpass its previous features and become a new beast in its own right.

5. Increased and long-lasting reliability

The market is filled with products, solutions, and companies providing them. What separates the best from the rest is just a simple and clear aspect of reliability. If customers and investors can see that a company is reliable in matters of delivering their solutions, sticking to timelines, and consistently showing improvement in their product, that’s the biggest propeller to keep a business going strong.

DevOps helps make this happen in an indirect manner, by taking care of all possible problems that could interfere with it.

Get yourself enrolled for a DevOps Foundation certification course. Your career will see growth like never before since the demand for professionals who can revitalize businesses is on the rise today.

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