Mattress Buying Tips For Better Sleep: It Should Fit Like It Was Made For You!

Memory Foam Mattresses

So, you have decided to throw out your old mattress and visit your local or online shops for a new one?

Although picking a new mattress is not like buying a new house, it definitely needs a lot of thought if you want it to be the best. Purchasing a mattress is a huge financial investment, thus it is crucial that you take your time in searching the right mattress for you.

With some much options and comparisons like eve-vs-leesa, choosing one can become quite stressful! However, it does not need to be like that. Here are some tips in buying the perfect mattress for you!

1. Do Your Assignment

Chances are, it has been several years since you have shopped for a new mattress. Just like computers and cell phones, the features of the mattresses of today are newer and better than those from 10 years ago.

Reputable mattress retailers and manufacturers offer their own purchasing guide on their sites in order to help you navigate through the different kinds of mattresses available today like hybrid mattresses and memory foam and also mattresses which are compatible with adjustable foundations.

Educating yourself about modern mattresses can go a long way in aiding your understand your choices and options in selecting the perfect mattress.

2. Size Matters

A little more room where you can stretch can go a really long way in terms of sleeping comfort. Although your full-size mattress might seem like a perfect snugging fit for you and your loved ones, upgrading the mattress size to a king or queen size can be a game changer.

Mattress Buying Tips

In addition, most couples actually prefer a bigger mattress if there is a four-legged buddy in the picture that always find their way to their “human” bed during the night.

In case you are shopping for a new mattress for your kids, then keep in mind that a new mattress may stay with them through their teenage years. They also need some room to stretch with their growing bodies, so consider upgrading their mattress size.

3. Identify Your Unique Comfort Preferences

In terms of comfort and coziness, one size does not fit all. Rather than letting the numerous mattress options of today overwhelm you, make a list of what you and your family like and do not like in terms of mattress comfort.

Talk with sales associates about your comfort preferences so that they can direct you to the mattress models which can work best for you, making the options no longer overwhelming.

4. Take Your Time

Remember that a new mattress is an investment for a good sleep. Therefore, there is no need to rush things. Take your time in laying on different models on your typical sleeping position. Lie down for at least 5 to 10 minutes on your back, on each side, and on your stomach too if that is your preferred sleeping position.

Mattress Buying Tips

Do not be intimidated by the salesperson, since they should expect you to take our time in trying out their mattresses. If you are feeling pressured, you can ask them for a little privacy while trying out mattress models that can work for you and do not be too shy in asking questions along the way.

5. Shop With A Trusted Retailer

After you have done your research and narrowed down your options based on your comfort and size preference, it is high time to visit your local retailer in order to try out the different mattresses in person.

In case you do not have any preferred retailers in mind, then you can find authorized retailers from websites and then seek reviews from family and friends or online peer reviews. It is important that you know the store’s policies in terms of mattress exchanges and returns since manufacturer warranties only cover any product defect.

Most retailers provide a trial period where you can exchange or return the mattress after a set period of time, so make sure that you have all this crucial info before buying a mattress.


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