Do You Know When Should You Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Air Ducts

We all will prefer to keep our home perfectly clean by regularly cleaning our floors daily and keep every piece of furniture and other items free from dust that may get settled almost daily. However, there are a few areas that you don’t see daily.

Unfortunately, it is your HVAC ducts, which are installed at the ceiling that supplies hot or cool air throughout the year. Most of us cannot see how dirt, dust, and other allergens must be hiding inside your ductwork.  

Unfortunately, you cannot clean these ducts all by yourself and if you are living in Humble TX then you need to find a certain professional cleaner who can clean these ducts. Safe Bright Organics is a professional air duct cleaner that can help you to get air duct cleaning Humble TX doneproperly.

Now the question is how often you must get your air ducts cleaned and when should you take up such activity?

You should consider calling the professional cleaner to get your air ducts cleaned in your home when you notice the following signs in your home.

You noticed mold in your furnace/air conditioning system

You must know that although a certain substance may appear like a mold, however, positive confirmation of whether it is really a mold or not can only be made by an expert by doing a laboratory analysis in a certain microbiology laboratory only.

If you have got insulated air ducts then it may get wet or moldy that cannot be cleaned, but needs replacement.

Your home has been renovated/newly constructed

Any construction or renovation work can be messy. Even if your HVAC system remains fully covered during the construction work, it cannot prevent any dust to get settled inside the duct.

All this dust can create a nasty environment inside your home and often it may become even difficult to breathe particularly if any member of your house is an asthma patient. You will need a professional duct cleaner only who can restore the condition back to normal.

Your home remains dusty, even after cleaning regularly

In most houses, dusting is usually done on daily basis. However, if you notice that in spite of your regular cleaning of dust, still, you find that your furniture and floors appear to be dusty then the culprit is your air duct.

Just take a hard look at your vents of both supply and return around your house. If you find them dirty and dusty then remove the vent cover to see into the ductwork. If you find the metal is covered with dust then you need professional cleaning.

Your heating/cooling costs are increasing

Usually, your utility bill will be predictable after every month. However, if you start noticing that it is slowly increasing and going higher regularly then you may doubt your air duct. Often due to the heavy layer of dust, your HVAC cannot work efficiently. So, you need to find any reliable duct cleaning in your area and get it cleaned if any of the above conditions ever arise. 

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