How to create your own Magento Mobile App?

Magento Mobile App

Create desired Magento Mobile App from scratch requires you to have steadfast programming skills, which consume a considerable amount of time.

Basic concept:

A mobile app is a software application which is created to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. These days, mobile devices are sold with several apps bundled as pre-installed software, for example- a web browser, calendar, email client, mapping program, etc. You can download your favorite mobile apps through Google play store, native distribution platforms, different app stores, etc. You can install/uninstall apps according to your needs.

Growing Tendency to Use Mobile Apps:

These days, mobile apps are extremely common. In fact, most of the tech-savvy people turn to their mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and iPhones when they have to search something on the internet. Previously, Mobile apps were considered to be a luxury, but now, the use of different apps are so common that they have become a necessary requirement for tech savvy people. They tend to spend more time on mobile apps than the mobile version of websites.

How apps are beneficial for E-shops?

Actually, mobile apps allow customers to get all your information easily on their mobile devices at all the times. If you are building mobile apps for your business, it means you are going to offer an awesome user experience to your customers and potential clients. It helps you greatly to connect with mobile shoppers, increase business productivity, sales, exposure of your e-shop across various mobile devices and a lot more.

Mobile apps for Magento:

A Magento mobile app can make your e-shop accessible by a large of number of people who are addicted to use apps for online shopping. They will help you to expand your business rapidly.

Process to build your Magento Mobile App:

There are several alternatives you can choose while building your Magento Mobile App.

First Option:

In this process, first and foremost, you need choose the devices you want your app to run on- iOS devices or Android devices?

If you are developing app for iOS devices, then you need to purchase a Magento application key, register into the iOS developer program and offer Magento with iOS account username and password. The Magento team will take care of the rest of the things and will make it available on all app stores. This option will cost you some bucks as you will be required to pay for the setup and a repeated monthly or annual fee for the maintenance.

Magento app creation in Android:

  • When you tend to create your app in Android devices, Magento facilitates two API’s (Application Program Interface) – SOAP API and XML-RPC.
  • If you want to make use XML-RPC, then download it’s library and utilize it.
  • Now, create a New user in Magento with your Magento store with roles. To do so, sign in your admin module and go to the system->WebServices->User && Roles. Create first roles, a user and allot the roles to the user.
  • Use the UserName and APIKey which you provide in the Magento store for calling the login function.
  • After Calling the Login function, you will get a session id, that you need to store and utilize it in your further calls.

Second option:


You can create your Magento Mobile App from scratch. This is an inexpensive way of creating Magento apps than the previous one. But, the main disadvantage of this option is that there could be bugs that will not go away from your way when you will be creating apps. Additionally, in order to create your own mobile app from scratch requires you to have steadfast programming skills, which consume a considerable amount of time. You can make use of some services that helps you in app creation up to a certain extent.


As Internet searches through Smartphones and tablets have crossed desktops and laptop, it has affected businesses greatly. If you run a Magento store, it will always be beneficial for you to build a fully functional mobile app to reach out your customers and potential customers available on different mobile devices. It will help you boom your sales through mobile Internet browsing.

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