Looking to buy a new AC for your home? Here are the top brands you should explore

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When it comes to choosing the best air conditioners in India, we are only spoilt for choices. Many brands offer the best AC in India, and they also come with attractive features that make them the best fit for most homes. Let us discuss these top brands along with their buying guide here.

Best AC in India from the leading brands:

Here are some of the leading AC brands that sell the top appliances for Indian households. Let us discuss their features in detail here.

1. LG air conditioners

The best features of LG air conditioners are that they feature an inverter compressor and are capable of adjusting the power on the basis of the heat load. The air conditioners from LG have convertible 6-in-1 modes that AI manages. This helps users to increase or decrease the cooling capacity accordingly. Other best features of these air conditioners are their ocean black and copper production that vouches for their durability.

2. Voltas

Voltas offers the best AC in India and is one of the top air conditioner brands that feature copper condenser coils that help in tremendous cooling. Their new AC models are easy to maintain and are capable of cooling exceptionally well, even at 52-degree temperatures. Other unique features of these air conditioners are anti-microbial protection and anti-corrosive coating.

3. Carrier Midea air conditioners

Carrier Midea offers the best AC in India that features the 6-in-1 flex cool hybrid jet inverter. The best features of these air conditioners are that they feature an anti-viral guard and a hydro blue coating along with a smart energy display. These air conditioners also feature 100% copper interiors for superior cooling. They are also easy to maintain and are capable of adjusting the cooling capacity as per the heat load.

4. Godrej air conditioners

Godrej offers the best room air conditioners that feature an inverter compressor. They are capable of adjusting the cooling according based on the outside temperature and the heat load of the room. The best feature of Godrej air conditioners is that they come with a 100% copper condenser coil for exceptional cooling.

Some insights on how you have to choose your air conditioner:

One best ways to beat the summer heat in a country like India is to invest in room air conditioners. Many brands offer the best AC in India, and choosing the best brand among them is a daunting task. Here are some important tips that will help you choose the best AC brand for your home and office.

Air conditioner type

Depending on the size of your room and the heat demands of the home, you can choose between split air conditioners and window ACs. Window air conditioners are easy to install, and they are highly efficient in cooling small rooms. Split ACs, on the other hand, are more efficient than window units, and they also help us save on utility bills.

AC tonnage

The second most critical factor to consider is the capacity of the room air conditioner, which is also given in its tonnage. Choosing the right size of air conditioner is important in cooling the room efficiently.  You can choose a 1-ton AC for a room capacity of 100 to 150 Sq.ft. and choose a 1.5-ton AC for rooms that are in the capacity between 150 Sw.ft and 200 Sq.ft. For oversized rooms, you would require a 2-ton air conditioner. 

Energy Star rating

The best AC in India are the ones that are energy efficient and have a higher Energy Star rating. You have to choose the Appliance with a 5-star rating, as it will consume less electricity. And the cost of these appliances is higher, still, they compensate for it with utility bills.


How can I mitigate the electricity consumption of our air conditioner?

Choose the AC model depending on the size of the room. Choose a 5-star rated AC to ensure optimal energy efficiency. Choosing the right capacity for the AC will also ensure that electricity will be consumed to a minimum.

Best air conditioner in India – Our top pick:

Carrier Midea offers the best AC in India with all the attractive features that adapt to most Indian homes. This brand serves as the go-to destination for different types of units in different capacities. Their room air conditioners are reliable, efficient, and affordable. Also their room ACs are available at unbeatable price points. All of the units come with a manufacturer’s warranty and thus offer absolute peace of mind for the buyers. Customers can also buy these units online with all features intact.

Bottom Line:

You can buy the Carrier Midea air conditioners online, directly at their website, where you will be given the opportunity to filter the different air conditioning appliances based on their price, features, and requirements. You also get the best AC in India at the best price if you choose to buy them online.

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