Top 7 Logo Design Tips To Create a Timeless and Creative Logo

logo design tips


A logo communicates the personality of the brand. Therefore, a logo design should be such that it stays in the memory of customers. Therefore, utmost care should be taken to design a logo that is creative and timeless. Eminent brands draw attention due to their distinct logos. Logos make an impression on the customer. Logos are also a guarantee of quality and reliability. Therefore, your logo should be a creative piece which stands out from the clutter of logos of your competitors. A logo communicates the personality of the brand.

Seven logo design tips to create a timeless and creative logo

  1. Know the brand

If a logo designer of india is given the task of designing the logo of a brand, he must have in-depth knowledge about that business. If the design brief provided by the client is not adequate, he can always research the internet or question the client about the history, products, services and the procedure of operation of the company, the logo is going to represent.

  1. Know the target customer

Logos should be created from the customer’s angle. This is because they communicate with the customers. Experienced designers know the importance of creating a logo design and therefore, they research the target customer before they start designing the logo. The personality of the logo should match with the personality of the target customer. If a business targets child, then it should have some funky elements which will attract children.

  1. Simplicity of design

A logo conveys a message to the target customer. Therefore, it should talk a language the he understands. It should be simple and stylish at the same time. A logo is a test of the designer’s design acumen and presentation skills. This means, it will make sense for the logo to concentrate on those aspects. Your logo should convey the desired message the brand wishes to convey to its customers.

  1. Dynamic in nature

With websites becoming dynamic, logo designs should also become likewise. Just as a website is flexible in its design, a logo should be such that it can be altered at a short notice. However, this does not mean, you keep on changing your logo design, time and again. Doing this will lead to chaos. However, your logo design should be flexible enough to adapt to different screen sizes.

  1. Make it versatile

A timeless and creative logo will look equally stunning on a variety of marketing materials like a business card design, letterheads, brochures, business websites or on banner ads. Irrespective of the colors used in the design, they should not affect the basic structure of the design and the theme. Colors should represent the personality of the brand for which the logo is being created.

  1. Use colors and fonts strategically

The colors and fonts used for the brand give the brand its personality. For example, if you are representing emotions like passion, aggression, love and energy, then you should use the red color. Additionally, typeface and fonts used represent the age of the brand. However, a designer should use fonts and typeface which fit the personality of the brand.

  1. Inimitable logo design

An inimitable logo design will make your brand stand out from your competitors. A lot has been said about the uniqueness of a logo. The more unique your logo design, the more distinct the personality of your brand. A logo design should be such that it cannot be imitated or copied by anyone. Thus, an inimitable logo design makes a brand distinct.


Using these seven tips a logo designer can create a timeless and creative logo that will not only communicate the brand message to the customer, but also make a statement about the product/service of the brand.

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